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New Intellicomfort CH180: wellness at your fingertips


The unique style by Fantini Cosmi

and the reliability offered by
the Intellicomfort range join up in the new touchscreen CH180 programmable thermostat.



A wide, white positive backlight touchscreen LCD allows the new Intellicomfort CH180 to combine individual comfort needs with innovative use features, thanks to its simple, sophisticated technology.

Enhanced by a shine and opaque contrast, the weekly programmable thermostat by Fantini Cosmi is a pleasant furniture accessory for the ambient thermoregulation, which can perfectly fit with any interior style while effectively saving on heating and cooling energy costs.

CH180 is the first of a new, significant range of products, which will include different versions like a programmable RF thermostat, a 230V power supply one, a room thermostat and an Intellicomfort+ version, manufactured for multi-zone climate control.


Have a look at this video and learn how easily you can set the ideal temperature on the CH180 programmable thermostat by Fantini Cosmi, while remarkably saving on energy costs every day of the week.


YouTube video screenshot

Links to Intellicomfort CH180 technical data sheet: 

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