CH180WiFi and CH180WiFi Lite: find the differences between the two products

Management with voice commands for CH180WiFi, while the entry level CH180WiFi Lite is easier to use and keeps a lid on costs. Let’s look at the differences between these two WiFi programmable thermostats, which look very much alike but have different functions

09/12/2020  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time

Two similar yet different products, two “brothers” who look very much alike despite having different specific features, stand out among the extended Fantini Cosmi WiFi programmable thermostats. They are the weekly programmable thermostats CH180WiFi and CH180WiFi Lite, two products with an innovative touchscreen design, with weekly programming for the control – over WiFi – of heating and air-conditioning systems with the Intelliclima+ app.

What are the differences between these two stars of comfort? Let’s look at them in detail.

The leading product: Intellicomfort CH180WIFI 

We could say that CH180WiFi is the older, more mature brother, with more options and operating modes.

Its specific features include management through the Google Home/Amazon AlexaTM voice-activated assistants, which is added to the direct management of the programmable thermostat and management through the Intelliclima+ app. It can be programmed directly from the programmable thermostat or through an app.

It has 5 operating modes, two* more than its younger brother, CH180WiFi Lite:

  • MAN manual
  • AUTO weekly programming
  • OFF system off or with antifreeze program
  • *HOLIDAY daily programming
  • *WILD CARD temporary programming for up to 90 days

Like its non-identical twin, CH180WiFi Lite, it has a positive LCD display and white backlighting.

The entry-level product: Intellicomfort CH180WIFI Lite

CH180 WiFi Lite was created based on the leading product, CH180WiFi, therefore retaining its physical features and its reliability, but leaving the time histogram only in the Intelliclima+ App that controls it, simplifying, by so doing, the display graphs which are now clean and limited to the essential. This made it possible to create a product of excellent quality, but that is easier to use and costs less, for all uses that do not require advanced management. It is the entry-level of the Fantini Cosmi connected programmable thermostats.

It has fewer functions, with direct management or management through the Intelliclima+ app (but without the voice commands) and can be programmed only from the app (no direct programming).

Compared to CH180WiFi, there are 3 operating modes:

  • MAN manual
  • AUTO weekly programming
  • OFF system off or with antifreeze program

Both can be managed remotely with the Intelliclima+ app

CH180WiFi and CH180 Wifi Lite can both be remotely managed with the Intelliclima+ app, which can be downloaded for free from a smartphone or a tablet for Android and iOS operating systems. With the app, you can: switch the heating and cooling system on and off, control the set temperature, check the status of the system in real time, create the weekly or daily program or choose from among those that are preset, optimise comfort and save energy, monitor the system’s energy consumption, simultaneously manage more than one residence and more than one CH180WiFi / WiFi Lite inside one residence, as well as share the programmable thermostat with more than one user.

Both products are white and the type of installation is wall-mounted, or on type 503 boxes. The power supply comes from the mains, 230V-50Hz.

Discover the entire Fantini Cosmi programmable thermostat range here:


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