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How to choose the ideal programmable thermostat?

Identifying the model, and before that the type of programmable thermostat best suited to our needs can be laborious. Here…

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Smart functionality for the C800WiFi: perfect control of comfort and consumption

The C800WiFi programmable thermostat offers an innovative, simple and intelligent approach to comfort, thanks to its SMART functions and integration…

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Fantini Cosmi at the table with the ‘big’ to inspire future engineers

Five companies chosen by the Polytechnic University of Milan will animate the round table aimed at young physics engineering students…

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WiFi programmable thermostats: which models are best suited to every need?

WiFi programmable thermostats combine the convenience of traditional planning with the benefits of remote control, including through popular Smart Home…

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Fantini Cosmi at CAREER DAY PMI

The event for recent graduates of the Politecnico di Milano, dedicated to growth paths and job opportunities in Small and…

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How to heat your home without waste

Autumn alternates between cold days and others with milder weather: it is the season in which, more than any other,…

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Passion, teamwork and multicultural approach at Fantini Cosmi

From a thesis of an Iranian student, the algorithms that 'orchestrate' comfort are born.

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#researchanddevelopment  #fanpeople  #backstage  University-industry collaboration: from vision to practice

The collaboration with the academic world has been going on for many years in Fantini Cosmi. Here is how this…

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#fanpeople  #backstage  #R&D  Study and work: a win-win experience

For Danish Iqbal, a brilliant 27-year-old of Indian origin, who chose the Polytechnic University of Milan to build his future,…

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#programmablethermostats  ##tipsforuse  7 tips for a more efficient home

Saving energy, especially for heating, is an increasingly topical issue, also given the recent price increases. Here are some tips…

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Let’s go back to MCE and “double up”

The leit-motiv at MCE will be multicomfort, understood as the convergence between air quality management, temperature regulation and air conditioning…

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#airconditioners  Time to think about a new air conditioning system

Here are a few tips to help you choose a product that will make your summer cooler.

#vmc  How to choose controlled mechanical ventilation

With more and better insulated houses, the need for controlled mechanical ventilation increases. Here's how to choose the ideal model.

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Returning to the gym: how to ensure maximum hygiene

With the return of the warm season, many people decide to return to the gym. Let's help them stay safe…

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Gas detectors: the right defence against an insidious danger

Properly installed gas detectors are an essential tool to reduce risks in residential environments to virtually zero.