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Let’s go back to MCE and “double up”

The leit-motiv at MCE will be multicomfort, understood as the convergence between air quality management, temperature regulation and air conditioning…

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#airconditioners  Time to think about a new air conditioning system

Here are a few tips to help you choose a product that will make your summer cooler.

#vmc  How to choose controlled mechanical ventilation

With more and better insulated houses, the need for controlled mechanical ventilation increases. Here's how to choose the ideal model.

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Returning to the gym: how to ensure maximum hygiene

With the return of the warm season, many people decide to return to the gym. Let's help them stay safe…

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Gas detectors: the right defence against an insidious danger

Properly installed gas detectors are an essential tool to reduce risks in residential environments to virtually zero.

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Fantini Cosmi obtains ISO 14001 certification

Because the company takes care of the environment we live in every day by obtaining ISO 14001 certification.

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Smart Working at home: heating rooms intelligently

Smart working, or agile working, is a convenience for many. But to avoid it becoming a cost, consumption must be…

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High utility bills: smart heating is a solution

The year 2022 opened up with high utility bills. Intelligent heating can be used to tackle the problem of increasingly…

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Smart office: rethinking modern workspaces

A Smart office not only means remote working and flexible working hours but also a more conscious use of space…

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Top products of 2021

The ranking of the best Fantini Cosmi and Aspira products of the year has just ended! Read all details in…

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Creating the right comfort for new year’s eve dinner in second homes

How to prepare your second home to welcome your guests with the best comfort.

Air conditioning and air quality: two worlds that finally converge

Heat control, air quality and connectivity are the three watchwords of multi-comfort according to Fantini Cosmi…

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#vmc  From childhood to middle school: it’s time for a fresh air in schools

Well-being and air quality thanks to VMC in the classrooms of the P. Tacchi Venturi state school in San Severino…

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#product  Fan heaters and heaters, for a cold season without any surprises

The range of Aspira fan heaters and heaters offers everything you need for a comfortable cold season. …

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#vmc  Sanitised Air in professional environments with Aspircomfort Pro X

The new decentralised VMC/dMEV units with heat pump that can be equipped with UVC lamps to sanitise the intake air…