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#fanpeople  #R&D  Innovation also stems from comparison with new generations

The temperature control algorithm that will characterise one of Fantini Cosmi's new thermostats came from the work of a thesis…

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Fantini Cosmi at the table with the ‘big’ to inspire future engineers

Five companies chosen by the Polytechnic University of Milan will animate the round table aimed at young physics engineering students…

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WiFi programmable thermostats: which models are best suited to every need?

WiFi programmable thermostats combine the convenience of traditional planning with the benefits of remote control, including through popular Smart Home…

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Fantini Cosmi at CAREER DAY PMI

The event for recent graduates of the Politecnico di Milano, dedicated to growth paths and job opportunities in Small and…

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Passion, teamwork and multicultural approach at Fantini Cosmi

From a thesis of an Iranian student, the algorithms that 'orchestrate' comfort are born.

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#researchanddevelopment  #fanpeople  #backstage  University-industry collaboration: from vision to practice

The collaboration with the academic world has been going on for many years in Fantini Cosmi. Here is how this…

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#fanpeople  #backstage  #R&D  Study and work: a win-win experience

For Danish Iqbal, a brilliant 27-year-old of Indian origin, who chose the Polytechnic University of Milan to build his future,…

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Fantini Cosmi obtains ISO 14001 certification

Because the company takes care of the environment we live in every day by obtaining ISO 14001 certification.

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Top products of 2021

The ranking of the best Fantini Cosmi and Aspira products of the year has just ended! Read all details in…

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#vmc  From childhood to middle school: it’s time for a fresh air in schools

Well-being and air quality thanks to VMC in the classrooms of the P. Tacchi Venturi state school in San Severino…

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The birth and life of a product in the Fantini Cosmi facilities

Even in a highly competitive sector such as the manufacturing one, a high quality supply chain makes it possible to…

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Take a selfie and give: that’s how we decided to celebrate our 90 years

Here’s how it works, thanks to Interlife, the charity project with which we would like to celebrate our company’s 90th…

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Certified quality: a constant, continuously evolving commitment

Fantini Cosmi Industrie ensures quality and safety, as well as with the company certifications, also with the certifications of its…

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#vmc  Italian comfort with an international appeal

Fantini Cosmi, present in over 70 Countries with its temperature regulation and control products, now seeks to expand with the…

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High-tech products for industry: the heart of innovation

A less-known area, in which we concentrate our R&D efforts, creating technologically excellent and exclusive solutions.