Aspircomfort Pro X: the all-inclusive system for room air exchange

Easy to install and adaptable to any environment thanks to its clean, linear design, Aspircomfort PRO X is the ideal air exchange system for studies, offices and classrooms.

28/03/2023  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time


Air exchange through ventilation systems is becoming more and more popular, both because it is an effective method of introducing fresh air from outside into rooms, and because it allows energy-saving room temperature management. After having established itself in residential applications, controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV) is also being increasingly used in professional contexts such as offices, medical practices, classrooms and other highly frequented environments.

Aspircomfort Pro X is the latest innovation in heating and air conditioning, designed for maximum efficiency and versatility. This unique product is an all-inclusive system that combines three essential functions in a single technological solution. Let’s look at the three features that make it a unique product, before delving into its technical and functional characteristics.


High-flow air recirculation

The Aspircomfort Pro X ensures effective air exchange thanks to its high flow rate, guaranteeing a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. The system constantly renews the air in rooms, removing stagnant, stale air and replacing it with clean, filtered air recovered from outside.


Integration with heating and cooling

Aspircomfort Pro X is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing heating and cooling systems, offering optimal control of room temperature and comfort. The device enables precise and reliable temperature management and regulation, reducing energy costs. The ultra-high-efficiency thermodynamic recovery system preserves the air conditioning of the room, introducing sanitised air at the right temperature to reduce energy waste.


Sanitising the air flow

The Aspircomfort Pro X system is ready for the installation of an advanced air sanitisation system that purifies the air injected into rooms, removing dust, allergens and other polluting particles. Thanks to this function, it is possible to ensure higher air quality and prevent health problems related to indoor air pollution. In fact, each unit can be equipped with the addition of a UV-C light lamp to add germicidal action to the air exchange system.


Aspircomfort Pro X, simple and effective even to install

Products in the Aspircomfort Pro X line are decentralised, single-room, controlled mechanical ventilation systems and can be installed without the need for an air distribution system. For this reason, they are perfectly suited both to independent housing units and to buildings where centralised systems cannot be developed, for example, schools, listed buildings and so on.

Even the installation system is simple: the packaged units can be mounted directly on the perimeter wall or on the ceiling by drilling just two holes.  Other unique advantages of the Aspircomfort Pro X line complete the picture:

  • Integrated solution: Aspircomfort Pro X allows the installation of a single device to manage air exchange, integration with heating and cooling systems, and air sanitisation, simplifying installation and reducing costs.
  • Ease of use: the system is intuitive and easy to use, with a clear user interface and flexible programming functions.
  • Reliability: designed and manufactured according to the quality criteria typical of Fantini Cosmi products, Aspircomfort Pro X guarantees high performance and durability.
  • Energy saving: optimisation of air exchange, heat recovery, integration with heating and cooling systems, and air sanitisation reduces energy consumption and contributes to a more sustainable environment.


An all-inclusive solution for comfort, health and energy savings

Aspircomfort Pro X is an all-inclusive solution ideal for providing controlled mechanical ventilation and to support room air conditioning. With its three key functions – high-flow air exchange, integration with heating and cooling systems, and sanitisation of the air flow – this unique product ensures a healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient indoor environment. The Aspircomfort Pro X family includes two products:

  • Aspircomfort PRO X 460Hfor horizontal ceiling mounting, a stylish product with a high air change rate
  • Aspircomfort PRO X 380V for vertical floor mounting, occupying minimal space thanks to its thickness of just 18 cm

The Aspircomfort Pro X family is the right choice for anyone looking for an advanced and reliable technological solution that meets the needs of an ever-changing market. Further technical information and insights are available on the official product page.




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