Certified quality: a constant, continuously evolving commitment

Fantini Cosmi Industrie ensures quality and safety, as well as with the company certifications, also with the certifications of its products that comply with the requirements of applicable European Directives

19/04/2021  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time

Now more than ever, quality is a primary form of warranty, with regard to the protection of the primary needs for health and safety, as well as with regard to meeting specific construction and performance requirements of the products.

For Fantini Cosmi Industrie, the various forms of system and product certifications are integrated and embody the fullest form of quality assurance.

The company has obtained various certifications over the years, and it is constantly striving to acquire new ones. Let’s look at them in detail, from “company” to “product” ones.


Company certifications

UNI EN ISO9001:2015
Fantini Cosmi Industrie has an effective and efficient company structure with a management system certified since 1997 according to the UNI EN standard ISO9001:2015 with international value obtained from the CSQ Body. The goal is to provide products that increasingly address customer needs, through a constant improvement in performance, and with total commitment: from the feasibility analysis to drafting a project up to the review of both production and management internal processes, from personnel training to the consolidation of processes which are streamlined and constantly monitored.

ISO 45001:2018
Since 2011, the company has been certified according to standard ISO 45001:2018 (previously OHSAS 18001:2007), an international standard that sets the requirements for an Occupational Health and Safety Management System. This standard focuses more on the involvement of top management in business processes, allowing the activities and commitment of top management to be thoroughly integrated into the concrete practices of organisations. In this way, safety management is not implicitly left to the consolidated routine of behaviours at risk, but is subject to structured and focused procedural control.

ISO 14001: 2015
The procedure to obtain the ISO 14001:2015 certification of the Environmental Management System is currently under way.


Product certifications

Fantini Cosmi Industrie guarantees quality though its products’ certifications, as well as through company certifications. All products comply with the requirements of the applicable European Directives, a guarantee towards the market that ensures that the products are adequate for the intended uses and applications and comply with the requirements referred to in the reference documents.

For greater safeguard, the products of Fantini Cosmi Industrie are also certified according to Directive 2014/68/CE (PED) relating to products installed on pressure equipment, which requires compliance with essential safety requirements of all systems (assemblies) and individual items of equipment that operate at a maximum allowable pressure higher than 0.5 relative bar (e.g. boilers, pressure vessels, pipes and accessories) placed on the European market.

Furthermore, part of the production has been approved by third parties, such as:
– ENEC and INAIL for thermostats and pressure switches
– DIN Certco for TG thermostats
– UL for Fantini Cosmi thermostats

In direct heat metering, all meters and measuring devices are certified according to Directive 2004/22/EC (MID) on Measuring Instruments. Commercial transactions and consumers’ protection depend indeed on the correctness and reliability of the measurements made by MID marked devices.


Further Laboratory and Quality Control Tests

In order to ensure precision and reliability, Fantini Cosmi Industrie has facilities for Laboratory and Quality Control Tests, to perform statistical tests, in order to ascertain the performance of the finished product. Further periodical tests are also performed by off-company laboratories.

These prestigious international accolades not only qualify Fantini Cosmi products and services, but the whole company activity, its organisational model and its processes.


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