Creating the right comfort for new year’s eve dinner in second homes

How to prepare your second home to welcome your guests with the best comfort.

30/12/2021  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time

Are you planning to organise a New Year’s Eve dinner with some friends or relatives in your second home?
You can do it, obviously with common sense.
The rapid growth of infections due to the spread of the Omicron variant prompted the government on Christmas Eve to announce the Holiday Decree measures, valid until 31 January 2022. The new rules prohibit dance halls, concerts and street parties, but do not prevent welcoming relatives and friends into the home, relying on the common sense of citizens to minimise the risk of domestic outbreaks.

It is therefore possible to welcome guests at home. Compared to 2020, when there was a limit of no more than two people and their children under the age of 14, this year there is no limitation on the number of guests. In addition, you can move to other towns or regions outside your place of residence, which means that you can also reach second homes.

How can you prepare your second home to best welcome your guests?

Whether your second home is by the sea or in the mountains, it is important to create the right conditions of comfort so that your guests arrive to the ideal temperature and can spend the hours welcoming in the New Year in a warm atmosphere.
If you need to heat a room quickly or raise the temperature by a few degrees quickly, a good heat pump air conditioning system can also help.
These products are able to combine cooling and heating functions: they are useful in the summer for keeping cool on holiday but in the winter they can help to quickly create the desired temperature.
In addition, they are a valuable aid in the mid-seasons because they allow us to switch off the boiler earlier in spring and switch it on later in autumn, ensuring maximum comfort and also saving on bills.

Reduce energy consumption and costs

The best heat pump air conditioners have a high energy class, which is determined by the seasonal efficiency indexes (SEER for cooling and SCOP for heating) and ensures very low consumption.

In order to save energy, it is advisable to choose air conditioners with inverter technology, which automatically modulates the power required to maintain optimal comfort. This avoids constant switching on and off, which causes unnecessary waste.
In addition, by automatically varying the supply of cold or heat, heat pump air conditioners with inverter technology minimise temperature fluctuations to just ± 0.5°C compared to the set temperature, compared to approximately ± 2°C with traditional ON-OFF air conditioners.

Find out more about our Fanair range of heat pump air conditioners.


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