Gas detectors: the right defence against an insidious danger

Properly installed gas detectors are an essential tool to reduce risks in residential environments to virtually zero.

22/02/2022  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time

Gases are indispensable for cooking and, in many cases, for heating homes but can also be very dangerous. Today, the systems that bring gas into homes and businesses are built to the highest safety standards and subject to strict regulations, but in some cases this is unfortunately not enough.

The importance of gas detectors to safety 

As this research by the Italian Gas Consortium testifies, in Italy in 2019, data from the latest survey available, 157 accidents were recorded, 16 of which were fatal in the case of ducted gas and 113,  of which 15 were fatal due to LPG in cylinders and tanks. A gas detector, which can intervene quickly when the concentration of dangerous gases becomes too high, is often all that is needed to make rooms safe. In this way, action can be taken according to safety procedures, preventing leaks, losses or distractions from turning into accidents.

The basic characteristics of a gas detector

Although the regulations in Italy do not make gas detectors compulsory in domestic environments, their use can be a valuable safety support, particularly in homes that lack air exchange due to their characteristics. One of the main features of a good gas detector is undoubtedly the precision and accuracy of measurement. While it is necessary for alarms to be triggered immediately in the event of an actual leakage or loss, it is also true that one cannot run the risk of security systems “tripping” at even the slightest change in environmental conditions.

Another indispensable feature is user-friendliness.  Sicurgas Fantini Cosmi products are available in wall-mounted and built-in versions, to be inserted in any kind of environment.

Of course, true safety must not be underestimated, which in the case of Sicurgas products is guaranteed both by the presence of acoustic and luminous alarms and by the ability to pilot manual reset valves to interrupt the gas supply.

Among the models available, it is also worth mentioning the series dedicated to the detection of carbon monoxide, whose excess in environments can cause equally fatal, though less destructive, consequences.

Good prevention is essential

The safety of our environments does not only depend on gas detectors made to the highest standards on the market. To ensure that the risk is minimised, there are a number of things that need to be done. Let’s briefly recall the main ones:

  • First of all, the systems must be checked periodicallyby qualified personnel and maintenance must be carried out as often as necessary;
  • The same applies to chimneys and flues, whose draught must be checked.

Detection devices must be checked themselves and above all must not be modified.

Rooms must always have optimal air circulation and a sufficient supply of oxygen. This is another reason why braziers, barbecues and generators should never be used indoors.


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