High utility bills: smart heating is a solution

The year 2022 opened up with high utility bills. Intelligent heating can be used to tackle the problem of increasingly expensive energy. 

25/01/2022  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time

You only have to look at the prices of even the most basic necessities on a simple shopping trip to realise this: high bills have already hit the productive fabric of Italy, leading to considerable price increases in all sectors, from consumer goods to raw materials. The solution to contain costs and mitigate the effects of this series of price increases, however, is already here: it is called intelligent heating and it offers the possibility of minimising waste and costs thanks to smart consumption management.

High utility bills: a problem for everyone

The fact that the cost of energy rises from year to year is nothing new, nor are price rises in general: the inflation indicator measures precisely the rise in costs in this respect. What is unprecedented is the scale of the price increases in the beginning of 2022. Confcommercio, for example, estimates an average increase of 76% in total expenditure on electricity and gas in businesses, with peaks of 100%. For households, the estimated cost increase is about 1,000 Euro per year.

In a scenario that does not leave too much room for optimism, there is however good news: mitigating this increase in costs is possible thanks to intelligent heating.

Economical heating without sacrificing comfort

In a broader perspective than the current one, energy saving is a theme that has been recurring for many years. This is both because the cost of heating rooms has always increased in recent times, although not to such an exceptional extent, and because the environmental issue is gaining ground, involving more and more people and companies.

There are two main solutions to save money without sacrificing comfort: heat conservation and intelligent heating management.

As far as heat conservation is concerned, one of the best solutions to reconcile this need with the necessary air circulation is undoubtedly controlled mechanical ventilation or CMV. Solutions such as Ecocomfort and Rhinocomfort make it possible to ventilate rooms while recovering up to 90% of the heat, thus reducing heating costs. This is without renouncing pure, clean air and, in the case of the Rhinocomfort line, also sanitised airthanks to the photocatalysis process that takes place during transit through the unit.

Intelligent heating

As far as intelligent heating management is concerned, the principle is even simpler: the first step is to diversify heat and humidity control for different rooms, while the second is to apply detailed time planning to preserve the temperature by optimising switching on and off. Finally, a precise control of the temperature in the various rooms makes it possible to manage the rooms or zones in the best possible way, avoiding the typical problem of different temperatures, even in the most articulated homes or offices in terms of layout.

Solutions such as Intellicomfort+ kits allow existing heating systems to be retrofitted without the need for structural work and immediately provide intelligent temperature and humidity control. Thanks to the Intelliclima+ App, it is also possible to monitor energy consumption and easily and quickly configure the system, optimising it according to needs, even contingent ones.


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