How to choose controlled mechanical ventilation

Choosing the perfect Controlled Mechanical Ventilation for all types of spaces is of crucial importance for ideal air quality

19/10/2020  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time

A controlled mechanical ventilation system is the simplest and most effective way to manage and control air quality in spaces while keeping other key aspects, such as temperature, humidity and the level of pollutants or allergens, under control.

Why opt for controlled mechanical ventilation

Thinking that controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV) is needed only when the natural renewal of air is not possible is a common mistake. In actual fact, using controlled and controllable ventilation systems offers numerous advantages.
First of all, it is possible to keep air quality under control. The most advanced ventilation solutions offer the option of simultaneously managing ventilation and air conditioning, allowing you to recover heat or change the temperature of the room.

Centralised Controlled Mechanical Ventilation for residences

If you own a house and would like to install the best possible CMV system, the best option, without doubt, is a centralised solution that can serve all rooms at the same time.
In this way, you will also be possible to reap the benefits of integrated management, perhaps connected to a smart home system, to always have control over the air quality of your home.
In this case, depending on the surface area of your home, you can opt for a unit of the new Fantini Cosmi range, made up of just ventilation machines, “evolved” units that can, other than simple ventilation, dehumidify the air and offer extremely effective versions for cooling and heating buildings.

The range “just” for ventilation, Aspirlight and Aspircomfort, available in 7 versions to be installed on the wall or on the ceiling/false ceiling, can be used for flats with a surface area of up to approximately 320 sq. m.

The 2 “evolved” versions, Aspircomfort PRO dH for spaces of up to 150 sq. m., are instead used when the house is equipped with an underfloor cooling system; aside from normally renewing the air, they take care of air dehumidification to counter the formation of condensation on the floor/ceiling, also providing a minimum contribution to cooling the spaces.

Other “evolved” versions available in the Fantini Cosmi range are the 2 Aspircomfort PRO iH units, suitable for residences of up to 150 sq. m. with high energy efficiency, which, aside from ensuring continuous air renewal, meet energy requirements for heating and cooling.

The new units, with the exception of Aspirlight BP and Aspircomfort, must be connected to the new semi-flush mounting CH193VMC control, which allows you to control and set all ventilation functions, and is also equipped with temperature and IAQ control sensors, which detects relative humidity and the concentration of CO2 and VOC in the room.

CMV for companies and large surfaces

At a time when more attention is paid to issues related to energy savings and people’s well-being, the idea of equipping large surfaces, or office buildings, with controlled mechanical ventilation systems is becoming increasingly interesting and important.  For this type of requirement, the UVR-HE series offers the perfect solution for the tertiary and commercial sector.
In fact, with its range, made up of 13 units with flow rates that range from 650 to 8,500 m3/h, it is suitable for bars, restaurants, gyms, canteens, offices and so on.

Ecocomfort and Rhinocomfort, so that you never have to give up Multicomfort

At times there is no need, or it is not possible, to use a centralised controlled mechanical ventilation system, for example for the entire flat, or for all rooms in a studio or office. This, however, does not mean accepting that we must give up hope for better air quality. Decentralised solutions, such as Ecocomfort and Rhinocomfort are perfect for ensuring sufficient air renewal in small rooms, without needing to go without heat recovery and air sanitisation.

Click here for all the details on the models available.


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