Pre-configured and ready-to-use wireless temperature control kit

From Fantini Cosmi a new kit to wirelessly regulate a heating/cooling system through a remote relay.

15/07/2021  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time

It is not always possible to connect a boiler to the programmable thermostat by cable. This is because the boiler may be located, for example, in a basement where there is no possibility of reaching it by pulling wires. Or, the programmable thermostat must be placed in a place in the home or office where it is not possible to pull the wires that connect to the boiler. In all these cases, Fantini Cosmi proposes a kit consisting of a WiFi programmable thermostat and an actuator with radiofrequency communication (wireless) to overcome the problem of “physically” connecting the boiler and the programmable thermostat.

CH180RFRWIFI is the new pre-configured and ready-to-use kit for wireless temperature control of a heating/cooling system via remote relay. The kit consists of a weekly wireless touchscreen programmable thermostat with WIFI connection (CH180RFWIFI) and a wireless remote actuator (CH175) that allows remote control of boiler activation.

The pre-configured CH180RFWIFI programmable thermostat directly controls the heating or cooling system wirelessly via the remote relay of the CH175 actuator, which must be powered and connected to the mains and to the boiler, and “communicates” via WiFi with the user’s mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) via the Intelliclima+ app (available for Android and iOS) with which it is possible to remotely manage and control the functions of the programmable thermostat. CH180RFWIFI can also be programmed locally, directly from the panel in the absence of a WiFi connection.

It is also possible to expand the relay for separate dehumidification control. The CH180RFWIFI programmable thermostat can communicate with up to 15 wireless devices (thermostats, actuators) and manage up to 8 different zones.

The new kit is a practical, ready-to-use solution suitable for renovation projects, where an old boiler needs to be replaced or for second homes. Installation is quick and easy thanks to pre-configured products.

For a simplified version of this product, is available also the new CH120RFR model (only thermostat without weekly programming and without wifi connection) which still retains the practical solution of preconfigured and ready-to-use Kit for wireless thermoregulation of a heating/cooling system via remote relay.

For more information visit  all the programmable thermostats, thermostats and temperature controls range by Fantini Cosmi.




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