Passion, teamwork and multicultural approach at Fantini Cosmi

From a thesis of an Iranian student, the algorithms that 'orchestrate' comfort are born.

18/10/2022  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time

Reza Abbas Pour, 26, born in a town in the south of Iran, understood from an early age that mathematics and physics would shape his future. Having completed his studies at the best high school in his city, and obtained a degree in mechanical engineering at the best university in his province, after a year Reza began a Master’s degree in Energy Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Milan, and it was here that he met Fantini Cosmi.

“The beauty of mathematics emerges in mechanical engineering when you have to solve real problems,” explained Reza, who conducted his ‘Development of smart models for building energy management’ thesis at Fantini Cosmi, constantly supported by Roberto La Capruccia, the company’s research and development manager.

‘Developing my thesis at Fantini Cosmi was an incredible experience ,’ said Reza, ‘it really helped me to increase my technical knowledge and ability to work in a team. I found a friendly, collaborative environment with an excellent international atmosphere and technical staff fluent in English. The technical director is a person who shows an incredible and intense dedication to the growth of all trainees and their involvement with other research and development personnel. I am proud to have worked with Roberto La Capruccia, a respectful person who followed me carefully throughout my entire training. This great experience motivated me to continue working with Fantini Cosmi even after graduation. I am at the beginning of a long road, but I feel lucky because I am on the right path to developing my professional career.”

Reza’s thesis was the result of an internship in which the candidate was directed towards the development of Artificial Intelligence algorithms, aimed at enabling Fantini Cosmi systems to understand their environment, relate to what is detected and solve problems, adapting their own behaviour and analysing the effects of previous actions, in order to achieve the specific objective of an integrated and synergic control between several systems for managing the microclimate of a home in order to maximise thermo-hygrometric comfort and air quality, as well as reducing consumption.

With these words, Reza summarised his expectations for his future: “Day after day I am trying to increase my knowledge because I am sure that it is knowledge that will save the world. I want to be a good engineer, able to take on new challenges, ready to share my knowledge to solve big problems.” 

And that is what Fantini Cosmi wishes Reza and all his testers!

From left: Roberto La Capruccia, R&D Fantini Cosmi Spa. and Reza Abbas Pour, graduate of the Milan Polytechnic.


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