Smart functionality for the C800WiFi: perfect control of comfort and consumption

The C800WiFi programmable thermostat offers an innovative, simple and intelligent approach to comfort, thanks to its SMART functions and integration with popular systems.

22/11/2022  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time


Controlling consumption today is crucial: the ever-increasing cost of fuels, but also the climate emergency, make an intelligent and innovative approach to managing home air conditioning indispensable. The programmable thermostat C800WiFi offers all useful and practical functions for maximum comfort without waste.

Next-generation functionality

Anyone who is thinking about renovating their system or designing their home now requires smart functionality, which allows them to control their heating or air conditioning system as easily as they control, for example, their home lighting or a smart TV. C800WiFi offers this kind of approach, adding a number of intelligent and innovative features. For example, dynamic geolocalisation, which detects your location and determines when it is the right time to turn the heating on or off, avoiding unnecessary energy waste.

Furthermore, thermoregulation takes place on the basis of the perceived temperature, considering the humidity parameter in addition to the temperature parameter.

The AGC system, self-learning system, usesartificial intelligence in a new way, progressively learning the characteristics of the system such as the time of arrival at speed, in order to achieve the highest possible optimisation of consumption. In combination with dynamic geolocalisation, this solution enables extremely high levels of energy savings. Furthermore, through the Intelliclima+ App, it is possible to observe the system’s usage statistics, also displaying the CO2 saved thanks to the optimisation functions.

Optimising consumption, even in the details

Smart functionality does not only mean the application of state-of-the-art digital solutions, but also an attention to detail that ensures savings and comfort in everyday activities. The C800 WiFi has features that make it the perfect management tool for the smart home. Let us recall the main ones:

  • The open window detection system registers the opening of a window frame and allows the heating to be switched off, preventing energy waste.
  • The dual power supply, from AA batteries or mains, allows for optimal positioning.
  • C800 WiFican be mounted on the wall, when powered by batteries, or in the most common flush-mounting boxes: type 500, 502 or 503.
  • The display uses only three LED digits, a choice that, together with the low-power WiFi, minimises the need for electricity.

The integrated WiFi, in combination with the intelliclima+ App, means that the C800 WiFi is always connected to the system for simple and intuitive operation from smartphones and tablets.

Adaptable to any environment

In order to simplify installation in any type of home and in any context, the C800 WiFi is available in three different fittings: C800WiFiQ for mounting box type 500 or 502, C800WiFiR, suitable for old type 503 boxes, or C800WiFiPRO, which already has both mounting options and the optional power supply C800AL for power supply from the mains.

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