Smart paint used for the first time in a single-room heat recovery system

Rhinocomfort is the first air purifier employing smart paint to purify air through an exclusive chemical process.

28/11/2018  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time

Air purification through photocatalysis.


Clean air is key to well-being. Everyone has heard, at least once in their life, that you need to open the window to ‘let fresh air in’. The problem is that, nowadays, the quality of outside air is often far from ideal.

The solution to this is a product like Rhinocomfort, a reversed flow air purifier whose operation is based on a very simple principle: it breaks down harmful substances in the air inflow, turning them into harmless substances thanks to the smart paint covering the fan in the product’s telescopic pipe.

The benefits of air purifiers based on smart paint
Unlike traditional paint, smart paint – also known as nanotechnological paint – combines microtechnology and nanotechnology: it contains ceramic microspheres that isolate and reflect rays of light and silicon dioxide nanoparticles making it water-repellent.
Rhinocomfort is the first single-room fan system employing smart paint. Indeed, as well as using traditional filters, air is purified through smart paint on the fans. When the paint is activated by an LED light, it generates a chemical process called photocatalysis, which removes air pollutants. Rhinocomfort is the first product on the market using this application, which makes it highly innovative also from an economic point of view. Photocatalysis is triggered by light and paint does not bond with pollutants. This means that the process can basically continue forever, with no need to change or replace the smart paint in the product.

All round comfort
However, smart paint is not the only reason why Rhinocomfort is an innovative product. The result of years of research, it is indeed the first product combining the approach of Fantini Cosmi and Aspira, a well-established Italian brand in fan extraction, which was taken over by Fantini Cosmi in 2007.

That is exactly why the product brings together both types of comfort typical of the two brands: comfort in terms of health and hygiene, but also room comfort. With its ability to purify air whilst maintaining its temperature, Rhinocomfort is a product that covers well-being in every respect, also from an economic point of view, by ensuring as much energy as possible is recovered.

In short, Rhinocomfort is the first product of its kind that extends the concept of air renewal to the field of purification.

Purification and temperature control: the other products in the pipeline
One of Fantini Cosmi’s key features is its constant pursuit of innovative solutions, especially in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. That is why Rhinocomfort is just the first of a series of new-generation products set to be launched on the market in coming months. They are designed to turn the idea of comfort applied to room purification into an increasingly smarter, more efficient and environmentally-friendly concept.


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