Smart Working at home: heating rooms intelligently

Smart working, or agile working, is a convenience for many. But to avoid it becoming a cost, consumption must be controlled.

08/02/2022  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time

Working from home is undoubtedly an interesting option for many people, especially for those who have the possibility to make the most of agile working, or smart working, for example by balancing office presence and remote activity days. However, this can translate into increased heating costs for the house: in fact, rooms need to be heated at times when they would not normally be heated.

Smart working and smart heating

The fact that agile working has become an irreversible part of our lifestyles is also borne out by the approval many of whom would gladly continue to work in this way. However, the problem of bills, especially heating bills, is particularly acute. But there is a solution and it is quite simple: we need to rethink the way we heat our homes. Today, homes are very often uniformly temperature-controlled: when the heating is switched on, it is done for all living areas or, at most, the heating is controlled by floor. Solutions such as multi-zone systems, on the other hand, can create a more efficient division of rooms, heating only those that are needed (e.g. the study or living room) and leaving those that are not.

The Fantini Cosmi solution for intelligent heating

One of the major objections to multi-zone heating systems is the need to overhaul the system and to undertake expensive work. That’s why Fantini Cosmi has thought of the Intellicomfort+ system, whose new version is a pre-configured wireless heat and humidity control kit that is easy to install, with no need for masonry work.

The kit is available in different versions, capable of managing from 2 to 4 zones, and combines chronothermostat, radiator actuators and room thermostats to efficiently manage the heating of homes or offices. In addition, for special or very large environments, the kit is expandable with new actuators and thermostats to suit any need.

Savings and comfort

Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection and the official Intelliclima+ App, you can configure optimal heating quickly and easily. The app lets you work on the weekly planning as well as to manually configure the climate control of the zones. This makes it possible to meet the needs of both those who have planned management of working days and hours and those who apply more agile and flexible forms of working and do not always have the possibility of long-term planning.

Intellicomfort+ kits make it possible to combine agile working and intelligent heating, without sacrificing comfort and with one eye on the heating bill.


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