7 tips for a more efficient home

Saving energy, especially for heating, is an increasingly topical issue, also given the recent price increases. Here are some tips for a more efficient home. 

03/10/2022  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time

Energy efficiency is an increasingly present topic. In the case of new buildings, there are specific regulatory directives, but if our home was built previously, there are still several ways to take to make it more efficient and contain consumption, both in a possible sale or rent perspective and simply to guarantee a considerable saving in terms of energy.

Here are some of the main tips to make a home more energy efficient, especially with regards to temperature and air conditioning management.


Isolation is the key

To understand one of the fundamental principles of temperature management in homes we must refer to the laws of thermodynamics. Without going into complicated technicalities, we can summarize the relevant part in this way: the greater the temperature variations we want to obtain, the greater the energy expenditure required. For this reason, we must implement every possible activity to contain dispersions, and therefore avoid temperature variations. This applies to both heating or cooling

         1 .   We work on the fixtures
One of the main points of dispersion for homes are undoubtedly doors and windows. If our home is particularly dated and perhaps lacking even simple devices such as double glazing, the most viable way is to replace it. But even for the most recent homes, a periodic check of the tightness of frames and gaskets can help us save a certain amount of energy. An empirical and very simple indicator: if we feel drafts or cold air even when doors and windows are closed, it is a sign that the windows need to be fixed

         2 .   We change our habits to ventilate
A rather common habit is to ventilate the house in the early hours of the morning, when the air is cooler. What we can do, to reduce waste, is to ventilate when the outside temperature is more similar to that desired inside. In other words, in winter we try to ventilate during the hottest hours of the day.

We remind you, however, that from the point of view of temperature conservation, the ideal solution would be to use controlled mechanical ventilation. Fantini Cosmi products, for example, allow you to conserve up to 95% of the heat, renewing the air without waste.

         3 .   We insulate the roof (and/or the walls)
Depending on the structure of our home, the points of contact with the outside are those most subject to heat dispersion. In the case of the walls, a structural intervention may be necessary (for example the thermal coat), but as regards the roof there may also be simpler solutions, such as laying of insulating material on the slab if the attic is not habitable. With the help of an experienced surveyor or architect, we can identify effective and relatively cheap solutions.


Attention to consumption

Insulation and temperature conservation are two fundamental aspects to passively improve the efficiency of our home, but what to do actively to reduce consumption and waste? Today we can find numerous solutions even at low cost, especially for electricity consumption, such as LED bulbs or the use of more efficient appliances. In the field of air conditioning, solutions require a greater investment, but in many cases, especially in the current situation, it is certainly worth evaluating them. For example, those who have photovoltaic systems without storage can evaluate the use of fan heaters to be placed side by side with the heating system, to optimize the use of electricity produced in hours with reduced consumption costs. Instead, let’s see some solutions applicable to more general cases.

         4 .   Let’s evaluate the efficiency of our thermal system
Having an efficient and dispersion-free heating system is essential. In addition to an assessment of the boiler and the opportunity to replace it with more efficient models, we also consider the possibility of checking the actual system to verify the absence of leaks and inefficiencies

         5 .   Let’s change our habits

Often a small change can bring a great benefit: for example, lowering the internal temperature by one degree centigrade can result in large savings. On the other hand, it is not always true that reducing the operating hours of the system brings benefits: it also depends on the general energy efficiency of the home. If we want to follow this path, the only truly effective system is to carry out several tests and monitor consumption.

          6 .   Let’s only heat the rooms used, when needed
If our home has several areas, not all of them are used equally during the day and night. A solution to save money, in this case, is to bring these areas to optimal temperature only when necessary, for example by heating the bedrooms more in the evening and the living area in the daytime. To achieve this, there are several solutions, but the ideal is to have a smart system that allows centralized planning and timely management

         7 .   Let’s check the temperature in every room
Directly correlated with the previous point, the topic of precise temperature control is one of the most important. If our home is equipped with only one general thermostat, in fact, there is a risk that some areas will always remain too hot or too cold. This, in addition to reducing living comfort, risks being a source of waste. Thanks to solutions such as thermostatic valves, preferably of the Wi-Fi type connected to a smart regulation system, we can obtain the ideal temperature in any environment, using resources in an optimal way. Fantini Cosmi solutions for temperature controls can help us improve the efficiency of the home, while limiting consumption.


A more efficient home: savings and care for the environment

In conclusion, improving the energy efficiency of our home is important for many different reasons. First, it can help save on our monthly energy. Secondly, it can help protecting the environment. In addition, it can improve the comfort of our home by reducing air currents and making it easier to maintain a constant temperature. Finally, thanks to the most innovative solutions, it can help to improve the quality of the indoor air in our home, reducing the amount of pollutants that circulate in our home.


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