Air conditioning and air quality: two worlds that finally converge

Heat control, air quality and connectivity are the three watchwords of multi-comfort according to Fantini Cosmi

14/12/2021  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time

Traditionally, air conditioning (in the sense of temperature control) and air quality (HVAC) have been two areas where products and services have run on parallel tracks without ever meeting. Chronothermostats and controlled mechanical ventilation machines were dealt with by professionals from different backgrounds, from the worlds of electrical and thermal hydraulics respectively. Solutions were often proposed by different brands, with non-communicating technologies.

The multi-comfort concept at the heart of the convergence of temperature control and air quality

Fantini Cosmi was one of the first companies to make the life of installers easier, aiming at the convergence between heat control and air quality. For Fantini Cosmi, today we talk about “multicomfort”: compared to traditional comfort, intended as the result of environments with the right temperature and humidity, multicomfort also introduces the integrated management of the quality of the air we breathe, maximising the well-being of those who live in the environment but also the efficiency of the plant.

Multicomfort for an increasingly smart home

The evolution of Fantini Cosmi’s offer has in recent years led to the convergence of these two worlds that seemed to have nothing in common, integrating the world of air conditioning (chronothermostats) with that of air quality (controlled mechanical ventilation machines). An integrated management of the heat control and ventilation systems is able to guarantee users maximum comfort and thermo-hygrometric well-being while optimising consumption.

Thanks to the CH193VMC remote panel equipped with temperature and relative humidity sensor, it is possible to integrate the Fantini Cosmi CMV with external requests of dehumidification and integration to the primary heating, coming for instance from the multi-zone Intellicomfort+. Demands for dehumidification or supplements to heating and cooling can come from any room in the house. The CMV will promptly increase the air flow rates according to demand to bring the system back to the required parameters.

Not just connected products, but interconnected through a smart app for the whole house

Fantini Cosmi aims at the convergence between the various devices also in the smart home field. The app developed by the company, Intelliclima+ (available for Android and iOS systems), is a real “hub” with which it is possible to configure and manage all Fantini Cosmi IoT devices present in the house as part of an “integrated” smart home.

Whoever chooses, for example, the latest technological jewel of Fantini Cosmi, the decentralised CMV Ecocomfort 2.0 Smart, will not only have at their disposal an intelligent, punctual ventilation unit that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to improve the quality of the air and personal well-being, bringing comfort into the home without wasting energy, but will also be able to benefit from integration with heat control systems, all via app commands with Intelliclima+ (or via voice commands with Google HomeTM and Amazon AlexaTM).



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