Air curtains, invisible protection for air conditioning

The air curtains of the XBA range are ideal to keep a room well insulated without doors, curtains or other physical barriers.

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Air curtains are the best way of preserving temperature and air quality with an efficient and invisible solution. Air curtains are an excellent solution to ensure a high level of insulation in any room where physical closing systems cannot be used, or where existing ones are inefficient.
The XBA range of products by Fantini Cosmi is designed to maximise the use of air blades to insulate rooms.

The main applications of air curtains

Temperature control is certainly the most common application of air curtains. An invisible, thin air blade protects rooms from sudden weather changes when there are no doors or when closing systems are not very energy efficient.
In this case, there are two advantages: maintaining a constant temperature in the room improves comfort, but there is more. It also offers significant advantages in terms of energy savings. Indeed, air curtains ensure excellent thermal stability, in both heated and air-conditioned rooms.
This is because air curtains use an airflow at room temperature, which is more pleasant and efficient.
However, air curtain applications are not limited to temperature control and energy savings: let’s take a look at other applications.

Protection against insects, dust and foreign matter

The XBA range of air curtains uses an airflow that is virtually imperceptible to humans, but powerful enough to prevent many types of particles, dust and impurities from entering.
For the same reason, they are also effective in preventing insects from entering: indeed, the air curtain created by Fanair products cannot be penetrated by the most common flying insects.

Improved air quality and comfort

All rooms that cannot be mechanically or, in any case, physically isolated are subject not only to sudden temperature changes and to the penetration of foreign matter, but also to many other environmental variables. For example, rooms can also be contaminated by draughts, wind, odours and miasmas. Air curtains also provide effective insulation against this type of contamination. Basically, thanks to this type of insulation, maintaining treated air – regardless of the treatment applied in the rooms – will be much easier and will ensur11e significant energy savings in terms of both temperature control and air purification.

Where can air curtains be used?

Whenever a room needs to be isolated from a climatic or environmental quality point of view, but physical closing systems are not an option, air curtains are a valuable ally. Namely, Fanair air curtains are ideal for businesses, shops, bars, in shopping centres or in high-traffic streets.
Indeed, the absence of a physical door allows people to move around freely, making it easier for customers to enter the premises.


The Fanair XBA range of products by Fantini Cosmi:

XBA90  – 90 cm air curtains
XBA120 – 120 cm air curtains
XBA150 – 150 cm air curtains


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