Artificial intelligence in air conditioning: already a reality for Fantini Cosmi

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionising many areas of our lives, from healthcare to urban mobility, and building climate control is no exception.

17/03/2023  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time


Traditionally, climate control in buildings is based on a centralised system that manages the temperature and humidity of the entire building, without considering the specific needs of each individual room or user. Artificial Intelligence, on the other hand, makes it possible to customise climate control according to individual preferences and environmental conditions, improving occupant comfort and reducing energy waste. The use of AI in this field can improve energy efficiency and reduce costs, helping to improve indoor air quality and thus the well-being of occupants.

For Fantini Cosmi, the use of Artificial Intelligence is nothing new: since as early as 2021, it has in fact been incorporated into Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (CMV) products thanks to the Ecocomfort 2 Smart solution. Today, thanks to the C800 line of chronothermostats, AI also enters the world of smart home climate control.


The benefits of Artificial Intelligence in climate control

The use of Artificial Intelligence in residential climate control offers numerous advantages over traditional temperature, humidity and air cleanliness management systems. Let’s look at the main ones:

  • AI can adapt climate control according to users’ preferences and habits.
  • It optimises energy consumption, reducing running costs for the user and improving the energy efficiency of the entire system.
  • Thanks to the Internet connection, AI-based systems can predict cooling/heating needs by adapting the system in real time to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.
  • Through the use of sensors and measuring instruments, it is possible to monitor indoor air quality and adapt the ventilation system to reduce the presence of pollutants and pathogens, helping to improve occupants’ health.
  • All detected data is measurable, yielding precise KPIs for monitoring purposes, and facilitating predictive maintenance works.


ECOCOMFORT 2 SMART: the new-generation CMV

Ecocomfort 2 Smart was the first Fantini Cosmi product to introduce artificial intelligence into the climate control of buildings. It is a decentralised mechanical ventilation system, and therefore adaptable even to a single room, offering all the advantages of smart management.

Its operation is based on two fundamental principles. On the one hand, the use of connected technologies that allow, for example, remote monitoring and management via App, or optimal activation based on the geolocation of inhabitants. On the other hand, the continuous monitoring of environmental parameters and their adaptation to both climatic conditions and user habits.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, these parameters contribute to the autonomous management of air recirculation, optimising it to increase comfort and reduce energy waste. To this end, the summer free cooling feature, for example, deserves a mention: when the outside temperature is lower than the inside temperature, the system automatically starts cooling the rooms, reducing the need for active air conditioning systems.


C800WIFI, the chronothermostat with Artificial Intelligence

The need to make home climate control increasingly efficient, both in terms of regulatory requirements for energy classes and to contain energy consumption, is ideally satisfied by the C800 WiFi chronothermostat, similarly equipped with latest-generation smart functions.

In fact, the included AGC (Adaptive Gain Control) system progressively learns how long it takes for the systems to come up to speed, optimising the switch-on times according to the desired temperature and times. The user no longer has to worry about estimating the system switch-on time because they simply have to indicate at what time they wish to find the house warm or cool, and the thermostat will adapt accordingly. Moreover, thanks to the geolocation of users, switch-on times are set according to the expected time of arrival at home, improving efficiency and comfort. The indoor humidity measurement ensures the detection of the perceived temperature and subsequent adjustment of the air conditioning.

Finally, the possibility for remote control via App allows for timely management in all cases with specific requirements, for example, a certain switch-on time for guests, or temperature control during periods of absence in the case of a second home.

Even smarter with voice assistants

Fantini Cosmi’s smart systems, as well as having numerous smart features of their own, can also connect to Amazon AlexaTM voice assistants* via the Intellicomfort+ App. This makes it possible to take advantage of both the voice commands of these smart home systems, as well as the additional smart features provided, for even more efficient and timely management of home comfort and climate.

(*) presently available only in Italy / Italian language.



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