A strong technological attitude, constantly focused on the research and development of innovative ventilation solutions.


Aspira was founded in 1940 and can be considered a milestone in the ventilation field in Italy. All along its activity, Aspira made a substantial contribution not only to the extractor fan evolution, but also to a new concept of air aspiration in our country.

Today Aspira is an important brand of Fantini Cosmi Industrie group, operating both in Italy and worldwide with an exhaustive range of products which can meet any requirement of the whole industry. The company offers traditional ventilation products alongside with integrated solutions for the air treatment as well as comfort and health management.
Thanks to its dedication to service and products, and its attainment to total quality, Aspira is one of the most reliable and flexible partners in the air treatment sector.

Aspira range of products

Domestic ventilation

Wide range of domestic fans – including axial, centrifugal and all-purpose versions – optimal for all residential applications. They feature a smart sophisticated design and perfectly fit any environment. High efficiency and low noise are also a plus.

Industrial ventilation

Designed for industry and trade, this range of products includes fans for wall and window, duct and roof applications, with high efficiency and quality performance. Their different features and functions, as well as their wide range of accessories, make them suitable to meet all trade and industrial requirements.

Controlled Mechanical Ventilation

Mechanical Ventilation, also known as CMV, is a double flow, building ventilation system feeding on the heat extracted from the inside, and constantly replacing it with fresh external air with a minimal energy waste. High efficiency heat and ventilation recovery units enable a constant air exchange, whilst recovering up to 90% of the heat extracted.
A CMV system improves air quality and environment comfort, inhibits damp and prevents mould from growing on the wall.


XS series dehumidifiers feature a compact design to easily fit any environment, ensuring a correct humidity level for people wealth and for an optimal place maintenance.


Fan and convector heaters can quickly and silently warm up a single environment at its best; they demand a minimal space, can be programmed and require no maintenance.


A range of electric hand and hair dryers for trade and sports facilities, featuring reliable, high efficiency and energy saving products.

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