Big solutions for small smart home systems

Preset kits for small and medium-sized systems, more competitive prices and a new 10” screen.

18/12/2018  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time

MiA is the Fantini Cosmi home automation system that manages and controls home and building automation, offers security and energy savings and improves the quality of life. It is able to control heating, conditioning, blinds, sun awnings, lighting, electrical loads, alarms, irrigation.
MiA devices are ‘smart’ and autonomous. What is more, the system’s architecture has been designed to ensure continued operation in the event of failure of an individual device.

The new MiA multi-user and multi-system web server for the smart home joins the existing one and with its more competitive price, it is more suitable for small and medium-sized systems. It’s called ODHW05 and is a hardware unit with web pages to easily interact with your system through your smartphone, tablet, Web TV or PC both from outside with a normal internet connection and in the home via your Wi-Fi network.
ODHW05 is suitable for residential systems, small services businesses and small hotels, managing up to 80 points.

With the new capacitive 10” touch-screen tablet, ODTS10 – which replaces the previous model on the market – you can easily manage your system. It is suitable for flush wall installation, with recessed box, or outside on the wall, with an adaptor (supplied) for 503 type boxes, and can also be used on a table with stand (also supplied).

Designed to improve comfort and simplify everyday life, MiA now also comes in preset tailor-made solutions that can be expanded and customised.
Fantini Cosmi has indeed developed a series of ideal kits for installers who want to approach the home automation world. With the kits you can easily create small and large automation systems entirely on your own. They come with all the automation modules for a specific feature, for example temperature or lighting control, and can be expanded by adding other MiA devices. There is also the option of creating web pages and scenarios with custom graphics, as well as editing default settings according to your needs.

Here are the available kits for your smart home system:

  • Temperature control kit to remotely control 5 temperature and humidity zones
  • Lighting kit to remotely turn 8 lights on/off
  • Blinds kit to control 5 sets of blinds
  • Room kit to control 5 en-suite rooms, can be controlled from the reception desk and remotely

For further information, go to the specific MiA section or contact us


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