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The perfect combination between Air Conditioning + Ventilation + Air sanitization

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Mono split Air Conditioner + VMC/d-MEV
9000 BTU Air Conditioner + RHINOCOMFORT Ventilation Unit
12000 BTU Air Conditioner + RHINOCOMFORT Ventilation Unit
Dual split Air Conditioner + VMC/d-MEV
9000+9000 BTU Air Conditioners + RHINOCOMFORT Ventilation Unit
9000+12000 BTU Air Conditioners + RHINOCOMFORT Ventilation Unit
Expert tips for the Air Exchange in the ambient

Domestic pollution can be up to 5 times higher than those found outside, says the Italian Society of Environmental Medicine. Air recycle in the rooms is a valid countermeasure recommended by the Higher Institute of Health (ISS) to limit the chances of COVID-19 infection. Other research suggests that maintaining a relative humidity between 40 and 60% will create conditions in which the virus is less stable. With “CLEAN AIR KITS”, which combine Air Conditioning + Ventilation + Sanitization, you can manage the air healthiness in 360°.

Air healthiness is guaranteed when all the parameters - temperature, humidity, composition - are harmonized. Our kits allow you to manage all these variables needed for an optimal comfort.
Kits are designed to guarantee an ideal comfort while keeping low consumptions and a reduced environmental impact, as they use a last generation Inverter technology and the R32 ecological gas.


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