CMV product range extended to large spaces

New solutions for controlled mechanical ventilation for all sizes

28/06/2019  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time

Today, living comfort and energy savings are a combination of insulating materials and excellent door and window fixtures. However, the resulting insulation is not healthy. Controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV) with heat recovery helps up in this sense, allowing for a continuous and controlled exchange of air inside the home 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It renews indoor air, replacing it with cleaner air, preventing mould and damp, saving on heating costs, without having to open the windows!

This technology is becoming increasingly key in both the residential and services sector. Fantini Cosmi followed this trend by expanding its CMV product range to fulfil any need, from small spaces to the large areas of the services industry.

 Solutions for any square footage and room

Fantini Cosmi brand Aspira offers the ideal solution for any need, from centralised CMV for residential and services settings to decentralised CMV for residential environments. New ‘high calibre’ products have recently been introduced for industrial and commercial surface areas, aimed at making Fantini Cosmi the benchmark in CMV.

 Centralised CMV for residential settings

For rooms from 210 to 390 m3/h Fantini Cosmi offers its Aspirlight BP and Aspircomfort series.

Aspirlight BP is a high efficiency dual flow heat recovery unit suitable for residential and commercial buildings up to 130 sqm. The type of installation can be vertical, wall-mounted, or horizontal (in a false ceiling) with the included kit.

Aspircomfort is also a high yield heat recovery unit, though its action extends to an area of up to 240 sqm. It can be installed either on the wall with the included kit, or on the floor.

Both products offer 3 speed settings with manual control and 3 speed settings and a “timer” function with radio remote control.

 Centralised CMV for the services industry

For the services and commercial sector, with a capacity from 650 to 8500 m3/h, the ideal solution is the UVR-HE series, a dual flow fan unit with high efficiency cross-flow heat recovery unit.

UVR-HE is suitable for facilities such as small and medium-size cafés, offices, meeting rooms, shops, gyms, canteens, etc. The series is certified according to new Directive 2009/125/EC and Regulation No. 1253/2014 (Eco Design 2018), and is suitable for the ventilation of small and medium spaces in the industry. It can be installed on ceilings, false ceilings or on the floor. The external structure is galvanised steel sheeting with an expanded polyurethane thermo-acoustic insulating panel with a thickness of 23 mm and a density of 40 kg/m³.

 Decentralised CMV

For residential applications, such as flats or detached houses up to 68 m3/h, Fantini Cosmi offers two solutions: Ecocomfort and Rhinocomfort.

The two single-room fan units can be used as a specific system for spaces up to 50 sqm or, by connecting multiple fan units to a single control, it is possible to create a multi-room fan system.

Ecocomfort and Rhinocomfort guarantee continuous air renewal, recovering up to 90% of the heat contained in the expelled air. Their continuous use helps prevent damp and the formation of mould on the walls and maintains a constantly low level of pollutants, which are harmful to human health. Rhinocomfort also sanitises and changes the air that comes in from outside, breaking down the harmful substances present in incoming air, making them harmless.

The two solutions adapt perfectly to renovations in buildings where a centralised ventilation system was not planned. With the telescopic tube, they adapt perfectly to any wall thickness and are extremely easy and quick to install, also thanks to the external expansion grille, which can be installed from inside as well.

It is possible to choose between two diameters depending on the required flow rate and the space you want to ventilate: a diameter of 100 mm for spaces up to 22 sqm and a diameter of 160 mm for spaces up to 50 sqm. Rhinocomfort is available with a diameter of 160 mm, while ECOCOMFORT comes in both diameters.

CMV and tax incentives

Scheduled and extraordinary maintenance works, conservative restoration works and building renovation works benefit from a 50% tax incentive. Under specific conditions, centralised and decentralised controlled mechanical fan systems allow access to higher tax deductions with 65% in tax incentives, as they fall under energy savings upgrades, obtained with a final energy certification.

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