Controlled mechanical ventilation: benefits for medical practices

Controlled Mechanical Ventilation can be applied in many contexts: here are the advantages of its application in medical practices.

23/06/2023  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time


Controlled Mechanical Ventilation, CMV is an increasingly popular system for ensuring air exchange in indoor environments, combining comfort, health and energy efficiency. In addition to enabling more efficient and cost-effective air conditioning of rooms, it excels in preventing the formation and reappearance of mould and moisture, contributes to savings in heating and cooling costs, recovers up to 90% of the heat contained in the exhaust air and offers the possibility of active sanitisation of the air in the duct through the use of UV-C germicidal lamps.

These characteristics, particularly those related to sanitisation, make it particularly suitable for environments such as medical practices, where air quality is very important. The use of a CMV system in a medical practice has a number of advantages, including improved air quality, including sanitisation. In general, the possibility of having an effective exchange of air while preserving the temperature of the room makes it possible to considerably increase the comfort of waiting patients.


CMV in medical practices: an outline of current regulations

When it comes to installing a Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (CMV) system in a doctor’s office, waiting room, office or any other commercial or tertiary premises, it is essential to consider the regulations in force. In particular, Standard UNI 10339 provides specific indications on systems for people’s well-being, considering decentralised CMV as a system in its own right, suitable for this type of application.

Before choosing the device to be installed, it is also necessary to calculate the required air flow rate based on the parameters given in the aforementioned standard. Depending on the result, it may be necessary to install one or more devices to ensure the required minimum flow rate. Fantini Cosmi’s CMV solutions, for example, offer a range of options that can be adapted to various types of environments and flow requirements. In particular, the products of the Aspircomfort family provide the ideal balance between performance and ease of installation: they are decentralised solutions that can be installed without the need for infrastructure intervention.


The advantages of CMV in medical practices

Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (CMV) offers many advantages when used in contexts such as medical practices. Firstly, the CMV ensures quality indoor air, contributing to a healthier environment. In particular, Fantini Cosmi’s Aspircomfort solutions, in addition to complying with current regulations, allow a constant change of air, preventing the formation of mould and humidity, contribute to energy saving and offer the possibility of active sanitisation of the air in the duct with UV-C germicidal lamps.

In addition, CMV helps minimise the presence of particulate matter and bio-aerosols in the air, potentially reducing the risk of transmission of infectious diseases. This is particularly important in a medical context, where minimising the risk of infection is crucial. The Italian Association of Air Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration (AiCARR) suggests keeping the CMV switched on at all times to remove airborne particles and to prevent them from settling on surfaces.

In addition, the CMV contributes to maintaining a comfortable environment by controlling parameters such as temperature, CO2 and relative humidity. It is important to maintain the correct relative humidity between 40% and 60%, as a dry environment can cause the mucous membranes to dry out, reducing the barrier function to viruses.


Improving comfort in medical practices

The innovation and intelligence of Fantini Cosmi’s CMV systems make it possible to combine the advantages of ventilation with safety and energy efficiency. With the possibility of centralised or decentralised installation, these systems can adapt to any environment, both residential and commercial, ensuring a healthy and comfortable working environment. With the help of a team of designers and installers, Fantini Cosmi offers support for any need.

Click HERE for more information on the entire Fantini Cosmi CMV offer.


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