Always a change of clean air in indoor environments with ECOCOMFORT PLUS
New features
New interface with confirmation LED
Ready to use without configuration
ISO COARSE filter which retains any impurities from the air released into the environment
New sensors
Humidity sensor
VOC* sensor (*Volatile Organic Compounds)
Brightness sensor

ECOCOMFORT PLUS is the simplest decentralized heat recovery unit that ensures the best comfort possible

IR communication system
IR remote control allows a simple and immediate use by the end user. A multi-zone system is feasible with the installation of more ECOCOMFORT PLUS, using a single IR remote control.
Easier to use
Both the end-user and the installer can choose the desired comfort thresholds, while looking at the current functions on the device frontal coloured LED.
Easier to install
ECOCOMFORT PLUS is available in 2 diameters (100mm and 160mm) and has to be installed on the perimeter wall, without additional accessories or further settings.
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