Fan heaters and heaters, for a cold season without any surprises

The range of Aspira fan heaters and heaters offers everything you need for a comfortable cold season. 

27/09/2021  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time

With the onset of the cold season, the need to make a few rooms more comfortable becomes more pressing, especially for people who intend to make better use of new spaces in their home, who want to use their outdoor spaces as long as possible, or who have finished renovations and would like to have warm and comfortable rooms right away. In general, electric fan heaters and heaters are the best solution for achieving comfort and heat without having to perform any additional adjustment work, which is normally required for most other heating solutions.

Aspira fan heaters and heaters: the solution for every need

Aspira is a major brand of Fantini Cosmi Industrie group, distinguished by a broad range of products, also in the field of electrical heating. These products are suitable for every type of need, especially where it is necessary to quickly make an indoor or outdoor space comfortable, efficient and functional.

Aspira products dedicated to electrical heating are divided into three main categories: Fan heatersconvector heaters and Infrared heaters.

Fan heaters are based on the principle of heating the air with an electrical resistance. The air heated in this way can be spread throughout the room by one or more fans. The most flexible solution overall is the portable one, such as Teporella, but wall-mounting is also possible with products such as Teporsplit for example, equipped with remote control. The main advantage of this solution is how quickly the rooms can be heated.

Fan heaters are based on the principle that heating with resistances yet, unlike fan heaters, the hot air spreads thanks to the physical principle of convection, which is the natural movement of air when there are differences in temperature. Heat obtained in this way expands at a slower rate, though typically more uniformly. Many fan coil models also function as fan heaters (but not the reverse). For example, the CH 7000 model features both modes and can be used as a portable device on the floor or wall-mounted.

Infrared heaters: the perfect solution also for outdoors

Anyone with the good fortune of having an outdoor area is often required to stop using it when the temperatures start dropping. Infrared heaters are the perfect solution when it is necessary to selectively heat certain zones outdoors or large indoor spaces, using the principle of irradiation.

Thanks to this special feature, the generated heat can be directed to a specific area, maintaining an excellent level of comfort even when it is necessary to heat outdoor areas, or when one or more sides is/are exposed. The range of Aspira infrared heaters stands out for its versatility. Alongside specific models for outdoor environments, such as Kalortop, which can be mounted on a wall or under umbrellas, or models suitable for indoors such as Kalordomus, there are also flexible models, suitable for indoor or protected outdoor environments, such as Kaloreasy, which can be mounted on a floor stand for easy relocation.

Be ready when the cold arrives

Thanks to the Aspira range of heating solutions it is possible to prepare for the cold season in an effective, simple way and without problems related to the construction of systems or infrastructures. Whether you choose a portable or wall-mounting solution, we can arrange the heating of indoor rooms or outdoor areas, in a short time and with excellent output, providing comfort even in those areas that are not normally used in the cold months.

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