Fanair, our brand dedicated to air-conditioning for any kind of needs, has been offering for over 15 years a wide range of air-conditioners and air curtains for residential, industrial and trade installation.
Fanair air-conditioners are reliable, capable and user-friendly: each function is the result of an in-depth study and a careful quality control. Our client is 360° supported before and after his purchase. Nothing is overlooked because every detail is taken care of. This is Fantini Cosmi Industrie guarantee.
Fanair air-conditioners are studied and projected to respect seasonal energy efficiency, comply with the new EC directives and come with an energy label showing their energy efficiency.


Fanair range of products

Portable air conditioners

Two portable air conditioners are available, both with cooling and heating functions. Ideal solution for a good comfort without needing to carry out significant building works.

Single-split units

Mono-split air conditioning units, ensuring high comfort level. Smart design suitable to fit any home or office environment. 9,000 to 24,000 BTU inverter units are available to guarantee a high energy saving.

Multi-split units

Multi-room air conditioners with an external unit for a high comfort level. Smart design suitable to fit any home or office environment. Different versions available to cool up two, three, four or five rooms. The Inverter technology guarantees a high energy saving.

Commercial and industrial air conditioners

A wide selection of air conditioners, featuring high power up to 48,000 BTU, technology and low consumption, offers an optimal solution for commercial, large surface environments. Rooftop, duct, floor/ceiling and floor-standing models are available.

Air conditioners without external unit

Air conditioners recommended for installation which must comply with urban directives not allowing an external unit, eg. for historical centre. Two versions for high or low wall installation ensure comfort even when unexpected.


They enable to keep the humidity level under control. Wheels equipped, they can be positioned where necessary. Compact design, available with three different powers according to the environment to be dehumidified.

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