Fantini Cosmi: Italian heart, global market

Since 1931, Fantini Cosmi has been committed to bringing design into the homes of Italians, enriching its technological devices with style and quality.

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Being competitive in the marketplace is a challenge that becomes more important every day for companies all over the world. The construction quality of the products, the real efficiency of the devices but, above all, a refined design that can reflect customers’ expectations are elements that make the difference if such a challenge is to be met.

Fantini Cosmi successfully synthesises all these aspects in its production and adds another: its  Italian heart.


A quality story, written from the heart

Since 1931, when the company was founded in Milan by the Fantini family, the headquarters and main production site have always remained on Italian soil, even in times of major economic crisis.
During World War II, the factory was hit by bombing and production moved to Soresina, in the province of Cremona. But in 1954 the company returned to Milan and experienced a period of growth linked to the economic boom of those years. In 1992, it moved to Caleppio di Settala, in the province of Milan, with a modern, functional factory and workshops, and this is where it is still located today.

From the first industrial electrical appliances in 1931 to the most modern exhaust fans, thermostats and heating systems for industrial and civil use, Fantini Cosmi has always designed its products in Italy, making innovation one of the cornerstones of its vision.

This vision led in 1985 to the launch of the first digital programmable thermostat produced in ItalyIntellitherm C21, which conquered the market and marked a true revolution. This allowed the company to invest more and more in electronics, overcoming the resistance of a strongly conservative market and effectively beginning a new era in residential air conditioning.
The C21 model was followed by many other devices that have successfully entered the homes of Italians; among the most representative are the Fantini Cosmi Intellitherm C25, C31C57 programmable thermostats, the Intellitherm built-in C49 model and the Intellicomfort CH180 and CH193 series of touchscreen programmable thermostats.

While continuing to grow and establish itself on the international market, Fantini Cosmi has retained its nature as a streamlined, dynamic family business and has never wanted to give up the “Italian heart” that sets it apart.
A heart that, in over 90 years of history, has enabled it to enrich its technological devices with style and quality, permitting it to satisfy even the most demanding customers. A real added value recognised by all, that of Made in Italy.


Fantini Cosmi thermostats: elegant Italian design, for more than 90 years

If there is one field in which Made in Italy is universally recognised as a model to follow, it is undoubtedly that of design. Fantini Cosmi pays great attention to this essential aspect of living comfort, considering its devices as an integral part of the lifestyle inside the home.

Since the 1980s, the focus on design has led the company to entrust the aesthetic design of some devices to a true legend of Italian style: Giorgietto Giugiaro. Its C25 and C26 programmable thermostats, among the very first electronic models produced in Italy, were a huge commercial success, effectively bringing the design and technology of Fantini Cosmi products into Italian homes.

Years later, in 2003, Giugiaro designed two more programmable thermostats for the company, the C75 and C76 models, with soft, sinuous lines.
Over the years, Fantini Cosmi’s commitment to design has continued to grow. In addition to functionality and safety, more and more consideration has been given to the aesthetic component: design is a cardinal principle of every new product in Fantini Cosmi’s civil line, which aims to become an elegant and refined furnishing element.

Thus, collaborations are formed with other important Italian names in industrial design. Among them is Marcello Vecchi, who from the mid-1970s to the early 1990s, together with his friend and partner Francesco Trabucco, signed the style of many Italian design objects that are still present today in the homes of many Italians and in the main design museums in Italy and around the world (Moma in New York, Triennale in Milan) and who in 1989 was awarded the Compasso d’Oro prize for the Alfatec Aquadry Bin Washer.
Vecchi worked with Fantini Cosmi from 2010 to 2014, designing the first universal exhaust fan for the Aspira brand: Aspirant. A model with an absolutely unmistakable style, which the designer then evolved into the successful Aspirvelo series. Thanks to their clean and essential design, all Aspirvelo devices find an easy fit in any type of civil and commercial environment. Among these, the Aspirvelo Air ECOCOMFORT model, which is able to recirculate the air in a room by recovering the heat and thus reducing heating consumption, has been very successful.


Design evolves, Italianism remains

Over the years, functional needs and technological characteristics have evolved. This has led from physical interfaces, equipped with flaps, buttons and selectors, to touchscreen interfaces, in which all functions are accessible via a touch-sensitive screen, to smart devices controlled through smartphone and tablet applications such as Intellicomfort+.
As is natural, the product design has also adapted. Today, careful attention is paid not only to the aesthetics of the casing, but also to the software interface, which must be easy to read and use, and at the same time look good in a refined living environment.

A well-established tradition in design, which has been able to evolve over time by capturing the spirit, tastes and trends of each historical period, for more than forty years. In 2021, in fact, comes the latest in a series of awards: Ecocomfort 2.0 Smart, the device for Controlled Mechanical Ventilation with artificial intelligence, was awarded the Red Dot Design Award, a prestigious international prize.

As CEO Franco Brambilla stated: “We will continue to research products that are not only efficient and high-performance, but also beautiful. Exhaust fans, thermostats, heating and hygiene systems… These objects enter our homes. And they must become a pleasant complement to furniture and design, able to integrate discreetly with the different styles of home interiors”.

A true passion for quality and beauty. Passion with an all-Italian flavour.

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