From childhood to middle school: it’s time for a fresh air in schools

Well-being and air quality thanks to VMC in the classrooms of the P. Tacchi Venturi state school in San Severino Marche.

22/11/2021  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time

VMC in the classrooms of the P. Tacchi Venturi state school in San Severino Marche (Italy).

VMC in the classrooms of the P. Tacchi Venturi state school in San Severino Marche (Italy).

VMC in the classrooms of the P. Tacchi Venturi state school in San Severino Marche (Italy).


With a far-sighted spirit, the Technical Office of the Municipality participated months ago in the public notice of the Marche Region thanks to which, following the health emergency from Covid-19, extraordinary interventions were planned for the safe carrying out of educational activities through the installation of mechanical ventilation systems (VMC).

Among the schools that have benefited from the funds is the State Comprehensive Institute P. Tacchi Venturi in San Severino (Macerata). 29 Fantini Cosmi VMC/dMEV machines have been installed in the classrooms of the Institute, both in the central office in viale Bigioli (lower secondary school) and in the childhood and elementary school complexes, for the treatment and recirculation  air. At the sound of the first bell of the new school year, the children were able to find the machines placed on the ceiling and immediately enjoy fresh and clean air.

Total cost of the intervention, entirely financed by the regional tender, was around 100 thousand euros. The VMC /dMEV machines were delivered at the end of July and installed in August, to allow the classrooms to be reopened once the interventions were completed.  Joint efforts of the Municipality and the installer Pascucci Simone from the company “Pascucci Otello and Simone snc di Tolentino”, which worked quickly in the summer, made it possible to close the works on schedule and ensure the success of this project.

Installed units, which comply with the UNI10339 standard provided in Annex A of the Regional Call, are Aspircomfort Class 620H. We had already talked about it in this article, dedicated to the new VMC/dMEV solutions for schools. New ventilation units complete with heat recovery by Fantini Cosmi, particularly suitable for single environments where it is not possible to create ducted systems and suitable for buildings such as schools.

The machine has humidity, CO2 and VOC sensors for better air quality. Unit can be installed  horizontaly   allowing a false ceiling application to take advantage of the aesthetics of the rooms;  its silence makes it a discreet and perfectly integrated piece of furniture. Thanks to the construction features and its components, Aspircomfort Class 620H is able to achieve recovery efficiency greater than 90%.

All  installed machines are controlled by the CH193VMC LCD touch screen remote panel, for advanced  of ventilation systems  VMC/dMEV, which allows easy and centralized programming. Thanks to an intuitive interface, it is possible to easily establish the hours of operation of the VMC machines in the various classrooms and common areas every day, and turn them off on Saturdays and Sundays when children and school staff are absent. It is also possible to customize the operation of the single machine and adjust its operation on an hourly basis in the classrooms intended for laboratories, which are used only for a few hours a week. All this allows considerable energy savings and the guarantee of always having clean and renewed air in every area of ​​the school, guaranteeing the health of children, teachers and school staff.


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