In summer, we long for fresh, clean air

With wall, portable and ceiling models allowing us to air- condition any type of premises, FANAIR air conditioners have become a crucial element of our homes.

13/07/2020  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time


Nowadays, since the microclimate of cities is causing temperatures to be 2 or 3 degrees higher than in rural areas, we have an urgent desire for fresh, healthy and clean air. And so we all rush out to buy air conditioners.

Fantini Cosmi has addressed this need by designing a full range of FANAIR branded products, with wall, portable and ceiling models to air-condition any type of premises. Recently, it has expanded its extensive selection of FANAIR products with new R32 gas models and compact portable AC units.

Whether it be portable, fixed, monosplit or multisplit, with ecologic gas or heat pump: air conditioners have become a crucial element of our homes. Every year, the most popular ones are models with high energy ratings that are able to guarantee reduced consumption and high performance.

The latest R32 gas models offer high performance with low environmental impact. Indeed, R32 ecologic gas has on ODP value (Ozone Depletion Potential) of zero.

All FANAIR monosplit and multisplit products offer ideal comfort with low consumption, since they use latest generation inverter technology that automatically adjusts the power required to maintain an optimal level of comfort, ensuring energy savings.

These products have a simple design that allows them to blend in well with modern and sophisticated interiors, thus turning a split into a matching piece of furniture.

If the requirement is to air condition the various rooms, multisplit AC units offer the possibility of connecting up to 5 indoor units, even of different power, to a single outdoor DC Inverter Unit.

When to choose a portable AC unit

Portable AC units are the simplest and most immediate response to the air conditioning needs of a home. Their major advantage is that they can be easily moved around, allowing only certain areas to be cooled. One of the other advantages of portable AC units is that there is no need for an outdoor unit. Cleaning the filter of a portable AC unit is also easier, since there is no need to use a ladder.

Fantini Cosmi offers two new portable AC unit models, X12MOB (12000 BTU) and X9MOB (9000 BTU). With their clean design and small size, these products ensure easy and inexpensive installation, and only require a hole in the window pane or wall to connect the air ejection pipe. They also use R290 refrigerant gas, which respects the environment.

As the weather gets hotter, our desire for better air quality increases

Our sense of comfort does not just depend on the temperature of the air, but also on its humidity levels.  At home, in summer we achieve the highest level of comfort with temperatures around 24-26 °C and a degree of humidity of 40-65% at rest: these values change and vary based on our age, what we are doing and our health. How can we guarantee the right air renewal even in boiling hot summer weather and the right level of humidity without having to open the windows to avoid losing cool air and wasting energy as a result?

This is where controlled mechanical ventilation (a dual flow fan system that ensures constant air exchange in the premises) comes in handy. With the Aspira brand, Fantini Cosmi offers the ideal solution for any need, from centralised CMV for residential and services settings to decentralised CMV for residential environments in order to fulfil all requirements, from small spaces to large areas. This range was recently expanded to include units that also act as dehumidifiers.

But Fantini Cosmi has even more to offer. With Rhinocomfort, both air renewal and indoor air sanitising are guaranteed, ensuring a clean environment at home, in the office or any other area where a healthy microclimate is needed.


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