Introducing BIM coding for Fantini Cosmi products

Fantini Cosmi has also decided to comply with the new official codes of BIM products, allowing designers to quickly and correctly insert their products and systems into their project. 

06/10/2020  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time


We have also decided to comply with the new official product codes, including the BIM system, allowing designers to quickly and correctly insert our products and systems into their project.

What is BIM coding

BIM (Building Information Modelling), as it is known, is an official and unequivocal coding system of the products used in construction belonging to certain product categories. The official codes and taxonomies were created to allow everyone in the sector to be able to speak about these products without misunderstandings. Specifically, it is a digital modelling process which, in a digital format, deals with the information regarding the commission, design, realization of an intervention and the management of all work concerning a building or infrastructure. It is a European matrix concept, synonymous with a global tendency in growth, regarding better understanding of building designs, the repeatability of best practices and efficiency in using resources. The main advantage of using BIM system lies in the better coordination and in the quicker production of accurate and trustworthy information so as to improve both the decisions and the quality of the results, when dealing with constructing a building.

BIM: all the advantages

The advantage of standard coding systems is in the fact that the digital information on products, entered only once by the manufacturer, in standard format, can then be shared throughout the whole supply chain. The information is always updated, complete and correct since it comes directly from the manufacturer. First of all, this means greater transparency (to know what is really used in the various projects). Enhanced safety and certainty of the technical features of the products. Less errors both when ordering and using the products.

Fantini Cosmi adopts BIM coding

Even Fantini Cosmi is adjusting to the new coding systems, including BIM coding in recent days.
In particular, as of September 2020, a Fantini Cosmi BIM READY product library is available, which will be constantly implemented and made available to all users registered on our website. To download all Fantini Cosmi BIM products, Sign In or Register.

Any products not yet on the list can be requested by sending an email to


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