It is warm once again: it’s time to “wake up” the air conditioner!

Here are some tips on how to get this ally of your well-being back into “shape” to best face next summer’s heatwaves.

14/05/2021  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time


June is upon us, as is the beginning of summer and humid heat. Now is the time to restart your air conditioner, but if you still haven’t done so, it should be accurately cleaned up before starting it up for the season.

Here are some tips on how to get this ally of your well-being back into “shape” to best face next summer’s heatwaves.


DIY or professional cleaning?

Routine cleaning of the air conditioning unit can also be performed without a specialised technician. For air conditioners with power up to 9 thousand BTU (British Termal Unit) which equals 2.5 kW, to date, there is no legal obligation requiring a technician to issue a certificate of cleaning or maintenance, so all you need to do is follow some practical advice and refer to the product instruction booklet under the “Cleaning” section.

However, an expert may be required for multi-split systems with various ducts, since they, with specific tools and products, are able to reach all the points where dust hides.


How to clean the external motor, the heart of the system

Before performing any operation, read the manufacturer’s instructions booklet. Ensure the air conditioner is turned off and remove the protection grid. Use a brush to remove the dust that has settled on the blades and wash them with a moist cloth and a universal grease remover. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dead leaves that may obstruct the motor. It is of the essence for the motor to be able to work properly and without impediments to ensure proper operation and efficiency over time.

After cleaning, don’t forget to check the stability of the outdoor unit’s support.


How to clean filters and surfaces

Always referring to the instructions booklet, find where the air conditioner’s filters are and unlock them. These are plastic grids, where germs and bacteria lurk: just wash them with warm water and neutral soap. Dry them well with a rag and then air dry them for a bit before placing them back. Also clean with lukewarm water and neutral soap the surfaces of the air conditioner and the nozzles.

You can also use specific products to disinfect the air conditioner: there are many products on the market, from disinfecting sprays to sanitising foam. In any case, if we carry out normal maintenance on household air conditioners, no microorganisms that are dangerous to health will proliferate.

As a rule, air conditioners are fitted with universal filters consisting of thick interweaving plastic filaments, capable of blocking the larger dust particles, mites and pollutants. However, there are different types of filters: from activated carbon ones, which must be replaced even once a year, to electrostatic and photocatalytic ones, consisting of more complex structures.

In the event of intensive air conditioner use, it is advisable to repeat the operation several times during the summer: this helps to improve air quality and reduce consumption.


Gas leaks and checking the refrigerant liquid

If you notice refrigerant gas leaks, call a technician who will check the condensers. Also have the level of refrigerant liquid checked once a year. Any pressure change, any leaks or other issues may decrease the air conditioner’s efficiency.

Once these simple cleaning operations have been carried out, your air conditioner is ready to kick into action and give you a cool and pleasant temperature throughout the summer.

If however, you have decided to replace your old air conditioner, Fantini Cosmi offers a comprehensive range where you can find the model for you.

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