MEV / VMC, now even with dehumidification

Fantini Cosmi Mechanical Ventilation Systems (VMC, c-MEV, d-MEV) enlarge its range with new machines that include dehumidification functions and even greater possibilities of application.

29/06/2020  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time


Mechanical Ventilation Systems enlarge its range with new machines that include dehumidification functions and even greater possibilities of application.

Mechanical Ventilation System, also known as MEV or CMV, is a double-flow ventilation system with heat recovery, which provides constant air exchange in environments minimizing the energy expenditure. Through the Aspira brand, Fantini Cosmi proposes the ideal solution for every need, from the Centralized MEV for residential and tertiary environments (c-MEV), to the Decentralized MEV for residential environments (d-MEV), to meet all needs, from small premises to large surfaces.

Recently, Fantini Cosmi decided to complete its offer enlarging the CMV range with machines that includes dehumidification functions and the predisposition to communicate with a MODBUS protocol, to facilitate the integration with other control devices.

MEV / VMC 2020 New range

With the new MEV / VMC machines, Fantini Cosmi extends also the flow range from the current 150 m3 up to 450 m, in addition to the new dehumidification features. Cabinet kits allow the flush mounting installation, as well as the wall mounting, and the new possibility to place them outdoor. The ability to install the MEV / VMC outdoor is a real plus for the new buildings, as the space has become an even more precious asset and a primary need for constructors and customers. Also the installer will be in position to suggest the most appropriate machine model, depending on the installation place, internally or externally.

These are machines designed to communicate with the MODBUS protocol, the most used in technological systems: it allows the MEV / VMC unit to receive the signals for automatically manage the operating cycles (ventilation, recycle with dehumidification, possible integration, etc.) with the most suitable flow regimes, from the CH193VMC control panel.

CH193VMC controller will decide the best ventilation report in the environment through its ambient sensors, based on temperature, humidity and air quality, as well as according to the time program set by the user.

Why is dehumidification important?

A MEV / VMC system with dehumidification is a must in the installations where the radiant system also performs the summer cooling function; in these cases the ventilation unit allows to prevent the moisture formation on the floor by integrating the dehumidification function.

During the summer period the MEV / VMC will activate the “recycle and dehumidification” cycles when the CH193VMC control panel, equipped with a humidity sensor, detects the UR% set point exceeding defined by the installer, according to the system features and to the application context.

MEV / VMC contribution to limit the exceeding ambient humidity

Human activities contribute to the humidity increase inside the rooms. It has always been so, but only in recent years, due to the exasperated building insulation and the almost total elimination of the natural air, this phenomenon creates enormous inconveniences both in the newly built flats, as well as in those renovated, where this subject has not been taken into account.

In these contexts, a MEV / VMC system presence, along with a constant air exchange, helps to provide a good indoor air quality by increasing the environmental comfort and the people well-being, preventing the excessive concentration of dioxide, VOC (volatile organic compounds) and avoiding the humidity increase and all the consequent inconveniences, mainly the wall appearance of mold.

Maintaining the right humidity level in the home is very important to stay healthy. However, what is the optimal concentration of humidity?

At a temperature of about 21 degrees, it is crucial that the relative humidity rate is kept at a percentage between 40 and 60%.

With the temperature increase, the relative humidity decreases and vice versa. For that reason the low superficial wall temperatures behind the closets, or the cold corners in humid environments, create the conditions for the superficial moisture and the consequent development of mold, bacteria and fungi.

Contrarily, if the indoor temperature is too dry, the airway mucosa dries, increasing the risk of inflammations and allergies.

Fantini Cosmi solutions allow to manage the ventilation according to objective parameters: air recycle when needed, if needed.

Thanks to the temperature detection, humidity and air quality in the environment, it is possible to ensure the home comfort. MEV / VMC unit will provide the right air recycling, not only according to a preset program, but also on the environmental parameters detected, thus adapting the flow regime to the real and objective context of use and occupancy of the premises.

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