OpenTherm® C800WIFIOTRQ remote control: manage every system with ease

The escalating cost of energy makes it essential to optimise energy consumption in households and small businesses, especially commercial ones. In this context, tools such as the OpenTherm® C800WIFIOTRQ remote control are key solutions for managing heating efficiently, helping to mitigate the impact of energy costs and prepare homes for increasingly smart home automation scenarios.

29/11/2023  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time


Intelligent air-conditioning management, between savings and energy classes

In the Italian market, the classification of homes into energy classes reflects the efficiency with which a home uses energy. This has led to an increasing demand for intelligent tools that can manage climate control effectively. Not only because they are necessary to reach the most valuable classes but also because the possible savings are more tangible today than in the past. The C800WIFIOTRQ remote control, featuring compatibility with the OpenTherm® protocol, fits into this context as an optimal solution for homes of any energy class, allowing precise and customised control of heating and hot water production.


OpenTherm® C800WIFIOTRQ Remote Control Overview

The C800WIFIOTRQ is an innovative device that combines advanced temperature control functionality with the convenience of Wi-Fi connection. Designed to be universally compatible with boilers using the OpenTherm® communication protocol® communication protocol, this device offers precise and intuitive control of heating and domestic hot water systems, combined with considerable ease of installation.


OpenTherm®: universal communication protocol

OpenTherm® is a standardised protocol for communication between thermostats and boilers. Its universality ensures that C800WIFIOTRQ is compatible with a wide range of boilers on the market, including existing and installed models. This protocol allows continuous modulation of the power output, optimising energy efficiency and ensuring maximum comfort.


Simple and versatile installation

One of the most attractive aspects of the C800WIFIOTRQ is its ease of installation. The device can be connected to the boiler via only two wires. It runs on battery power or mains power (230V) via a built-in power supply unit (optional) and can be managed remotely via WiFi connection from Fantini Cosmi’s App, Intelliclima+, available free of charge for Android and iOS systems.

Its flexibility allows for both wall-mounting and flush-mounting, with different options to suit every living requirement and the aesthetics of every room, thanks also to its minimalist design.


Technical features and functionality

The C800WIFIOTRQ has many advanced features, both in terms of technical system management and controls, which can also be accessed remotely via the Wi-Fi network. The device offers precise temperature control, with a regulation scale ranging from 2 to 40 °C. Battery life exceeds one year, and the 230V power supply option guarantees instant communication frequency. In addition, the Wi-Fi connection allows remote control via Apps and smartphones, adding an extra layer of convenience and control.


Benefits for the home and the environment

Using the C800WIFIOTRQ implies not only advantages in terms of convenience and control but also environmental benefits. Continuous modulation of power output reduces energy waste, contributing to more sustainable consumption. In addition, its compatibility with different types of boilers makes it an ideal solution for upgrading existing systems, also with a view to supporting energy class improvement.


An intelligent, future-ready solution

The OpenTherm® C800WIFIOTRQ remote control is a state-of-the-art solution for managing home heating systems. Its compatibility with the OpenTherm® protocol makes it a universal device, suitable for different boiler configurations. The ease of installation and numerous advanced features make it an excellent option for those looking for an efficient and easy-to-use solution.

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