Sanitised Air in professional environments with Aspircomfort Pro X

The new decentralised VMC/dMEV units with heat pump that can be equipped with UVC lamps to sanitise the intake air and destroy viruses

23/09/2021  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time

Today indoor air quality is a very sensitive subject. The pandemic significantly raised awareness on the need for adequate indoor air circulation, especially when used by many people, such as doctors and dentists’ offices, offices, shops or classrooms. But air circulation itself is not enough.

Fantini Cosmi has launched a new series of units for decentralised controlled mechanical ventilation (VMC/dMEV) called Aspircomfort Pro X, with a single machine performing three different functions: air renewal, integration to heating and cooling, sanitisation if the intake air. In fact the units are designed to be equipped with UVC lamp that allows to sanitises the intake air by performing a germicide action. This feature, combined with the high renewal air flow rate, makes it particularly suitable in all of those facilities requiring a suitable air renewal and where it is not possible to install ducted systems.

The units are also equipped with heat pump with cooling circuit. The thermodynamic recovery makes it possible to supply new air into the room, heating or cooling it based as needed and according to indoor temperature, thereby helping the air conditioning system fulfil indoor comfort. The supplied air is therefore always at a temperature close to or better than the room temperature, thus ensuring a higher perceived comfort.

The new machines are available in two models with different flow rates: Aspircomfort PRO X 460H (for horizontal ceiling type of installation) and Aspircomfort PRO X 380V (for vertical floor positioning).

The solutions offer easy and fast installation: the monoblock units are ready for use and do not require additional air distribution systems (pipes and fittings), neither in air intake, nor in ejection, as they are installed directly on the perimeter wall.

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