Spring is here: keep allergies away

Spring brings with it some extra discomfort for allergy sufferers. Here is a remedy for an ‘anallergic’ home.

05/04/2019  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time

The start of spring coincides with the flowering of certain plants – especially birch trees, grasses and wall pellitory – which release pollen into the environment. When in contact with the mucous membranes of the nose, eyes and throat, these substances can trigger several unpleasant symptoms for allergy sufferers.

The data provided by ISTAT (Italian National Institute of Statistics) has shown that 10 Italians out of 100 suffer from an allergic disease and, according to a survey by ANIFA (Italian National Association of the Self-Medication Pharmaceutical Industry), 8 Italians out of 10 suffer from sneezing in spring.

But are we really sure that staying indoors will help you keep allergens away?

Indeed, the most common allergies occur at home all year round: for example, allergies to dust mites, moulds and pets.

Moreover, by airing the rooms, pollutants and external allergens, such as smog and pollen, accumulate in the air in homes, creating an environment that is harmful to health and that makes it difficult for allergy sufferers to find relief in their own home.

But a few tricks can help. Indeed, using a controlled ventilation system and air conditioning may reduce these problems.

Now there is a specific solution that improves the quality of the air you breathe at home: RHINOCOMFORT, a fan system that eliminates excess humidity and, thanks to an innovative, unique system, it breaks down pollutants in incoming air, making them harmless.

This product effectively combines the advantages of mechanical ventilation with heat recovery for air sanitisation, since it drastically reduces bacteria, breaks down pollutants and prevents the formation of mould.

Unique innovation

RHINOCOMFORT sanitises the air coming from outside through a photocatalysis process with zero ozone emissions, while allowing you to save on heating and air conditioning costs.

Disintegrates without leaving residues

Thanks to the combined action of a LED light that illuminates the duct through which the air flows, as well as the water vapour contained in it, RHINOCOMFORT, breaks down the harmful substances present in incoming air, making them harmless.

Recovers heat

Thanks to the alternated airflow and the ceramic heat exchanger, RHINOCOMFORT recovers up to 90% of the heat in outgoing air and introduces it in incoming air when the unit reverses the ventilation cycle.


Find out more about Rhinocomfort by Fantini Cosmi



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