Fresh, sanitised air in summer with Rhinocomfort

Here’s how you can make rooms less damp and recover cool air with a guaranteed benefit in terms of energy efficiency.

02/07/2019  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time

There’s no doubt about it: summer is in bloom with its stifling heat and muggy weather. To find relief, the only thing you can do is stay somewhere with AC, in the office or at home. But our sense of comfort does not just depend on the temperature of the air, but also on its humidity levels.

At home, in summer we achieve the highest level of comfort with temperatures around 20-22°C and a degree of humidity of 40-65% at rest: these values change and vary based on our age, what we are doing and our health. How can we guarantee the right air renewal even in boiling hot summer weather and the right level of humidity without having to open the windows to avoid losing cool air and wasting energy as a result?

Rhinocomfort by Fantini Cosmi comes to the rescue. This is a new solution that not only guarantees air renewal, but – a feature unique in its kind on the market – also sanitises indoor air, guaranteeing a clean atmosphere in your house, your office or any other area where you need a healthy microclimate.

It is based on a process called photocatalysis: the combined action of a LED light that illuminates the duct through which the air flows, as well as the water vapour contained in it, break downs at a molecular level the organic and inorganic substances in the air and turns them into harmless substances.

The process is effective on bacteria, impurities and pollutants: it also prevents damp from forming and mould from appearing on the walls. Thanks to its telescopic tube, it can be installed on any perimeter wall.

Fresh, dry air

In summer, Rhinocomfort eliminates excess humidity and recovers “cold” from the AC air drawn from the room and transfers it to the air fed in with a guaranteed benefit in terms of energy efficiency.

Its low consumption brushless DC motor with cycle inversion operation allows for a constant exchange of air indoors and outdoors. The air is constantly filtered by a “G3” filter installed at the front of the equipment and that can be easily taken out to allow for periodical cleaning.

In alternated air flow mode with heat recovery, the flow of incoming air and the flow of outgoing air pass through a ceramic heat exchanger which recovers up to 90% of the temperature of outgoing air and introduces it into the incoming air when the unit reverses the ventilation cycle.

Comfort with full peace of mind

Plus, Rhinocomfort also has temperature, humidity and brightness sensors that allow the unit to adopt the most suitable ventilation mode entirely autonomously and ensure the best level of comfort in the room.

Indeed, with the automatic mode, the “Master” unit automatically regulates the time of the alternate intake/extraction flow, the dehumidification and speed, according to the environmental parameter detected by the machine’s sensors.

With Rhinocomfort you can have clean and healthy air in summer as well!


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