The pleasure of a thermostat that learns your favourite temperature!

C800WIFI is the new programmable thermostat that uses artificial intelligence and dynamic geolocation to adjust the temperature and to improve room comfort

02/10/2020  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time

Whoever lives in a big city and needs to drive on the busy freeway knows this only too well: you know when you leave but you never know when you’re getting home. And so if your heating or cooling system is set to start up and reach the right temperature at 6:00 p.m., an unexpected traffic jam or a significant delay can consume energy and money, with your system running without you actually being home.

Today all of this can be avoided with the latest entry of the Fantini Cosmi range: a “simply intelligent” programmable thermostat, in which the most modern technologies (geofencing, artificial intelligence, adaptive algorithms) are at the service of user-friendly.

C800WIFI is a programmable thermostat which, through artificial intelligence, self-learns and optimises the behaviour of systems and parameters. It exploits a cutting-edge temperature control approach, processed by Fantini Cosmi, called “AGC Adaptive Gain Control”. Thanks to the continuous monitoring of environmental temperature and humidity parameters (which detect the perceived temperature) and the processing of data by “Artificial Intelligence” algorithms, the system crosschecks all the information useful to optimise use of the central heating and cooling system, anticipating or delaying activation based on the customary use of the rooms, on geolocation of the user and on weather conditions/forecasts, with the purpose of providing the best comfort conditions with the lowest possible consumption.

C800WIFI has a minimalist and modern design, with a user interface consisting of three LED digits with white light and three keys (UP-MODE-DOWN) with which to interact for the normal room temperature up/down functions, selection between manual/automatic mode, display of current setpoints and room humidity rate.

It is a user-friendly but at the same time cutting edge device, with WiFi module and built-in relays, equipped with “virtual” graphical interface which can be used with Android and iOS smartphone by means of the Intelliclima+ app that can be managed with Google HomeTM and Amazon AlexaTM virtual assistants, but also using voice commands given directly to the smartphone.


There are three versions available, to be chosen from based on the engineering context:

  • C800WIFIQwith square fixing support for wall-mounting or on recessed boxes 500/502 (finished size 98x98x20 mm), battery-powered;
  • C800WIFIR,with rectangular fixing support for wall-mounting or on recessed boxes 503 (finished size 125x98x20 mm), battery-powered;
  • C800WIFIPROversion with both fixing supports: square for wall-mounting and on recessed boxes 500/502 and rectangular for mounting on recessed boxes 503. This version also includes the C800AL auxiliary power supply, the accessory to supply the C800WIFIQ and C800WIFIR models from the power mains.


The use of C800WIFI and its cutting-edge features guarantee cutting down consumption: heating/cooling only switches on when strictly necessary to guarantee the temperature you want when you want it. This also enhances comfort as the user will always have the desired temperature and can easily interact with C800 through voice commands.

The reduction of the energy demand can be verified by the user directly on the Intelliclima+ App which allows you to view the energy-saving data expressed in KW/year, the reduction of CO2 emissions and how these data add up in “number of trees planted”!


Find out more about this intelligent programmable thermostat!


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