Time to think about a new air conditioning system

Here are a few tips to help you choose a product that will make your summer cooler.

31/03/2022  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time

It’s spring again and there’s a desire to take care of your home to renew some furnishings, arrange and decorate balconies and gardens, put duvets and quilts into hibernation and restore freshness to wardrobes. Beautiful days make spring cleaning easier and the temperatures rising day by day encourage us to wash curtains, carpets and everything else we need to bring a breath of fresh air into our homes.

But the months leading up to summer are also the best time to take stock of the situation and consider what improvements can be made to our homes to make them even more comfortable. If, for example, you do not yet have an air conditioning system and are planning to install one before the sultry weather starts, you should address this issue at this time and start to evaluate what the market has to offer. By moving earlier, you will have more choice and avoid the risk of being told by the installer or point of sale that the desired product is out of stock.

Choosing an air conditioner

There is a wide range of air conditioners on the market, varying in power, design, quietness, flow rate and energy efficiency. But what are the main parameters to be considered? Here is some advice on how to make an informed choice that meets your needs and the characteristics of the room to be cooled.

The main features to consider when buying an air conditioner are power, quietness and energy efficiency.

The first characteristic to assess is the size/type of the room to be cooled:

  • How many square metres?
  • What use is made of that environment?
  • How many people enter?

This is important information to guide the choice: based on the surface area, it is necessary to assess what kind of power is needed and whether a single-split or a multi-split air conditioner with only one outdoor unit is sufficient or whether several outdoor units are also needed. Alternatively, you can opt for portable air conditioners to avoid buying several fixed units. However, the advantage of mobility of these portable products is mitigated by their higher noise level.

Quiet operation is another aspect that should not be underestimated, especially if the air conditioner is to be installed in bedrooms. The same applies to the outdoor unit in apartment buildings… the quieter it is, the more unnoticed it will be.
As far as noise is concerned, inverter air conditioners are quieter than conventional on-off air conditioners because they eliminate the need to constantly turn the unit on and off.

For energy-intensive machines such as air conditioners, it is very important to evaluate energy efficiency (which translates into lower electricity bills): the higher the energy class (the maximum is A+++), the lower the consumption to cool the rooms and the greater the environmental sustainability.

As you may have guessed, finding your way around is not so easy and the best solution is to contact professionally qualified installers who will be able to advise you on the best solution.


A complete range from Fantini Cosmi with ecological gas R32

For over 15 years Fantini Cosmi has been offering a complete range of air conditioners and air barriers for civil, industrial and tertiary applications under the brand FANAIR.

The Fanair R32 line line of mono-split and multi-split air conditioners with ecological gas R32 represent the cutting edge of Fantini Cosmi’s splits in terms of energy efficiency and effective operation. They represent the most advanced solution in terms of high performance with a reduced environmental impact: the ecological gas R32 has an ODP (Ozone Elimination Potential) value of zero.

They are air conditioners that guarantee ideal comfort while keeping consumption low because they use the latest inverter technology that automatically modulates the power required to maintain optimal comfort, thus allowing energy savings of around 30% over 8 hours of continuous operation. And if you need to air several rooms, multi-split air conditioners offer the possibility of connecting up to 4 indoor units, even of different powers, to a single DC Inverter outdoor unit.

They also have a dehumidification function and are available in various power combinations (Indoor units from 7000 to 24000 BTU).

Tax deduction

Installing Fanair air conditioners allows you to improve the energy performance of your building. This is why it is possible to benefit from the 50% or 65% tax relief as mentioned in the 2021 Budget Law for energy requalification.

Fine out more now at this link.


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