Voice user interfaces: from now on, you can control comfort with your voice

The Fantini Cosmi WiFi programmable thermostats now support voice control for a truly smart experience

25/09/2019  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time

Did you know that you can now control Fantini Cosmi WiFi programmable thermostats also with your voice? 2019 has brought interesting news for the Fantini Cosmi smart home. The Intelliclima+ App has been updated to provide voice commands to the line of WiFi programmable thermostats.

The CH180WiFi, CH180RFWiFi, CH193WiFi and CH193BWiFi models, which can be controlled with the Intelliclima+ App, can now be controlled with your voice. Everything becomes easy, just like having an actual personal assistant ready to fulfil your requests. Without even having to buy smart loudspeakers, like Amazon Alexa*.

But how does it work? What do I need to do?

You must have a Fantini Cosmi WiFi programmable thermostat with the Intelliclima+ App. Once you have configured the programmable thermostats, you can use the voice commands directly with the Intelliclima+ App to control the heating and cooling system. These controls are based on keywords pronounced as part of a meaningful sentence. Therefore, the same control can be launched with different sentences, as long as they contain a keyword. For instance, to increase the temperature, just 1) open the app 2) press the symbol with the microphone 3) pronounce the command “SWITCH TO MANUAL, INCREASE TEMPERATURE TO 21°”.

What can I do with voice commands?

You can use voice commands to adjust the temperature (raise and lower the temperature), choose the operating mode of the programmable thermostat (Auto, Manual or Jolly mode), change season, turn the devices on and off and, of course, cancel orders just given. The programmable thermostat will respond to commands with no need for manual intervention.

What are the advantages for users?

The most noticeable advantage is its convenience. Thanks to the voice user interface, you can easily control the programmable thermostat and its functions by saying simple command phrases, with no need to operate the device yourself.

With this mode, there is no need to buy vocal assistants from Amazon Alexa*. Everything can be managed as part of Fantini Cosmi’s product range. This truly makes new technologies accessibly to everyone, without added costs.

And if you are also interested in saving energy, being able to easily control the temperature settings allows you to adjust the temperature in your home at any time, thus ensuring maximum comfort with substantial savings on heating and cooling bills.

The advantages do not apply only to those who purchase new programmable thermostats. Those who have previously purchased a Fantini Cosmi WiFi programmable thermostat can use this function without any additional costs. The voice user interface is not specifically linked to the devices but to the server, therefore if you have purchased a WiFi programmable thermostat you can also experiment with this new mode.

With voice user interfaces, controlling comfort has never been easier!

Find out more about Fantini Cosmi WiFi programmable thermostats HERE

(*) presently available only in Italy / Italian language.


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