WiFi programmable thermostats: which models are best suited to every need?

WiFi programmable thermostats combine the convenience of traditional planning with the benefits of remote control, including through popular Smart Home systems

10/11/2022  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time

Managing temperature regulation in the home in the best possible way is very important, especially nowadays when limiting waste is as topical as ever.Replacing the thermostat with a more efficient product, capable of more precise and detailed management, can be an important starting point for comfortable temperatures without waste. In this, WiFi programmable thermostats can offer valuable help, thanks to an important set of advantages.

First of all, they can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet. This means that you can adjust the temperature, or review the schedule, even from outside the home. This means being able to manage consumption and temperature even when you are away from home for long periods or even in the face of unforeseen events.

In addition, thanks to more precise control, smart functionality can also be used to manage temperatures without waste, using innovative criteria such as proximity to home to switch on the system.
Let’s take a detailed look at the three main product families available in the Fantini Cosmi catalogue.

WiFi wall-mounted programmable thermostats

The wall-mounted programmable thermostats in the CH180 family are designed for remote management of heating and cooling and provide access to different functions depending on the model.

The model CH180WIFI has a WiFi connection to allow, in addition to manual programming via the touch screen, management via the Intelliclima+ App. The voice command functionality, available either directly from the App or through interfacing with the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant smart home systems, allows for convenient and even more functional management.

Those who already have a system compatible with the multi-zone system can use the CH180RFWIFI which has all the functionality of the previous model but also acts as a supervisor of the other components of the wireless system Intellicomfort+.


Finally, the CH180RFRWIFI in addition to being compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, comes with a pre-configured and ready-to-use radio remote actuator.

WiFi semi-recessed programmable thermostats

The semi-recessed programmable thermostats of the Intellitouch CH193 family feature an ultra-flat design, a touch-sensitive display and are powered directly from the mains, as well as an attractive design suitable for any environment.
Within this family, the CH193WIFI offers not only all the features of a weekly chronothermostat, but also wireless connection to the Intelliclima+ App and the voice assistants Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

WiFi battery-operated programmable thermostats

For all zones and locations where it is not possible to bring mains power to the chronothermostat, the power kit solutions of the C800 family are perfect for intelligent temperature management.
The three models available, C800WIFIPROC800WIFIR and C800WIFIQ can all be used with the Intelliclima+ App and the voice assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and differ in the way they are mounted. C800WIFIR and C800WIFIPRO can be wall-mounted or flush-mounted in a 500, 502 or 503 type box (the PRO model is also equipped with a mains power supply kit), while the C800WIFIQ model can be wall-mounted or in a 500 or 502 type box.

Choose your favourite model

Fantini Cosmi, thanks to its line of WiFi programmable thermostats , can meet all requirements in terms of functionality and design, allowing intelligent heating management in any environment. To see the complete list of models visit the full catalogue at this link.

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