4 tips to achieve comfort and energy savings with the home heating system

A few handy tips to save on heating, preventing useless energy waste and improving comfort.

06/11/2018  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time

Autumn is in full swing, heating is by now fully operational, but what to do to achieve the best possible comfort with an eye to energy savings?

Here are 5 tips for full winter preparedness.

1. Every room requires the right temperature and humidity

Did you know that if the temperature in the home is too high, not only does it lead to high heating bills but it may also be detrimental to your health?
Living rooms and bathrooms must be warmer (around 20°), whereas kitchen and bedrooms may have a lower temperature. One degree less of internal temperature leads to an 8% decrease in consumption, if one avoids uselessly heating rooms when unnecessary.
Temperature alone is not enough to bring about the ideal ambient conditions. In fact, the percentage of humidity is extremely important for the well-being of our body and is recommended between 40-65%.
With a multi-zone temperature control system fitted with humidistat, you can control the humidity and set the ideal environmental conditions for your home and your comfort.

2. Program comfort how and when you like

If you do not have centralised heating, avoid turning on the heating when there is no-one at home. At night, lower the temperature or set the programmable thermostat so that it goes up two hours before getting up in the morning.
If you install a thermostat with remote control, for instance with WiFi or GSM connection, you can change the temperature or hourly programming, even when you are away. Your heating system is always connected, allowing you to optimise your ideal comfort and to save energy, in a simple and user-friendly manner, from smartphone and tablet, wherever you are.

3. Set up the building for rational energy use

Temperature control and heat metering are the first operations to be carried out to prepare the building for the subsequent energy saving systems. Jointly, these two systems offer users the possibility of only paying for the heat they have actually used and independently managing the heating system. The actions to be performed on a building with a centralised heating system entail no masonry work. Just by replacing the valves of each radiator with automated thermostatic valves and applying, on each heating unit, an electronic consumption splitter that measures and meters the amount of heat used, the expenses charged will be proportional to actual consumption.

4. Opt for Smart air exchange

With the modern insulating materials and new generation systems, buildings need constant air renewal, which forces us to open the windows often, thus wasting a considerable amount of thermal energy. The installation of a Controlled Mechanical Ventilation system with heat recovery makes it possible to constantly change the air in a room, replacing it with cleaner air to prevent mould and moisture and save on heating costs.
The Controlled Mechanical Ventilation system, in fact, avoids energy dispersal caused by opening the windows and assures heat recovery of more than 90%.

To find out more about how to prevent wasting energy, visit our website in the programmable thermostat, thermostat and temperature control section, solutions that let you reduce energy consumption to a minimum while achieving well-being and better quality of life.

A few handy tips to save on heating, preventing useless energy waste and improving comfort.


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