Autumn: with Rhinocomfort warmth and clean air go hand in hand

The Rhinocomfort heat recovery unit allows for a continuous exchange of indoor and outdoor air: no open windows to let fresh air in when the weather gets chilly.

27/09/2019  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time


Launched at the recent MCE show, Rhinocomfort did not fail expectations and has now positioned itself as the product that inaugurated a new era in living comfort. It is set to confirm its potential as autumn arrives. Let’s see why.

As the weather gets chilly, we normally start closing doors and windows. This poses the issue of letting in fresh air, which also brings bacteria and pollutants and this all makes it easier to catch your first cold of the season.

This is why we have Rhinocomfort, the first heat recovery unit that ensures both clean air and fresh air from outside.

Heat recovery

Rhinocomfort ensures a constant exchange of indoor and outdoor air, which means you don’t have to open the windows to let fresh air in. We all know that the temperature drops drastically in autumn and the heating systems will be turned back on again. Opening the windows in the morning to air the house means letting cold air in and inevitably increasing the energy bill. We have designed Rhinocomfort to face energy requirements, too. It recovers up to 90% of the heat in outgoing air and returns it to incoming air when the unit reverses the ventilation cycle: this considerably curbs the costs of managing rooms.

Air renewal

Rhinocomfort has a low consumption brushless DC motor inside it with cycle inversion operation, allowing for a constant exchange of air indoors and outdoors. This way, it prevents dampness from forming and mould from appearing on walls, eliminating the symptoms caused by unclean air, such as headaches and eye and throat irritation. “Opening the windows” to air the room may not be the best solution to reduce these issues. Indeed, outside air may also contain bacteria, pollutants, dirt and allergens. That is why, in addition to changing the air, it is crucial to also properly purify the air. So Rhinocomfort is the ideal solution for those who want to live in a place with clean and healthy air in every season.


Rhinocomfort also combines the advantages of mechanical ventilation with heat recovery together with the benefits of air sanitisation, guaranteeing a clean atmosphere in your house, your office or any other space where you need a healthy microclimate.

Thanks to a catalyst illuminated by an LED light source, and to parts suitably treated with a nanotechnological product, Rhinocomfort breaks down the pollutants present in incoming air, making them harmless. Pollutants are drastically reduced through the combined action of the recirculation of air with alternated air flow and the sanitisation effect obtained by using the principle of photocatalysis, which breaks down the molecules of pollutants, transforming them into safe water particles.

Rhinocomfort is available from all authorised retailers. Please find more information here.

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