Chilly weather settling in? All the solutions to keep warm

An extensive range of heating products and technologies for your home.

15/10/2019  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time

Right from the first showers of rain, we feel like keeping warm. While we wait to turn on the heating system at home, here is a guide to assess the various options and solutions to get the right level of comfort… indoors and outdoors.

Fan coils and fan heaters: a quick solution

They are the ideal solution while you wait to turn on the heating system, maybe to face a particularly chilly autumn day. The technology is the same in either case: heat is generated by an electrical resistance that warms up the air by natural convection in the former case and via a fan in the latter. In the compact version, fan heaters are free-standing devices, ideal for small rooms and convenient to move around with a special handle and, in any case, fitted with a control thermostat. In the wall-mounted version they can be installed on the wall, provided with a remote control and perfect for small rooms in holiday homes. They are also available in both floor-mounted and wall-mounted models. As fan coils produce heat by convection, they are quiet and ensure more even, though slower diffusion of heat. As a result, they are more suitable for installation in larger rooms, such as bedrooms or sitting rooms, also due to their greater weight and overall size.

Electric infrared heaters for outdoors and indoors

Another solution to also keep in mind for outdoors are infrared electric heaters. The operation of the heating lamps is based on irradiation. They diffuse infrared rays acting as a heat carrier and the heat is transferred to solid matter (like people or surfaces). The many advantages of this heating system include its low energy consumption, its effective action against mould, low maintenance costs, the option of selecting different power levels, both for indoor and outdoor versions.

Air-conditioners with heat pump

They are not an optimal heating solution, but they can temporarily solve a series of problems. Some air conditioners, like our R32 range, can be used in heat pump mode. With long-known quiet operation and excellent energy efficiency levels, we particularly recommend them for flats that need heating for short periods of time, either because it is not very cold or because not long occupied in cold weather.

Everything you need for temperature control

Sooner or later… the heating systems will be turned on. Whether these are wall-mounted radiators or floor-mounted solutions, photovoltaic systems or more traditional ones, the modern concept of comfort actually corresponds to an idea of multi-comfort: not just the ideal temperature, but also the right humidity rate, more efficient consumption and clean air. Then it’s a matter of endless solutions, from programmable thermostats that can also be controlled via an app (and, in the latest versions, with voice commands) up to some products, like Rhinocomfort, which as well as recovering heat, ensure sanitisation and air renewal.

Heating cables

Finally, there is a solution for when it’s really cold. For outsiders it is a little-known topic, but they are actually a very effective solution to be considered at the building stage to prevent fluids from freezing in winter. Piping insulation is often not enough and when the temperature drops close to zero, Fantini Cosmi heating cables automatically turn on to heat the piping and prevent failures. The heating cables are the ideal solution for a number of uses, from downspouts to misting, irrigation and fire prevention systems. They are especially effective also to protect roofs, road ramps, parking lots and pavements.


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