Decentralised VMC/dMEV : the perfect solution for small rooms

Decentralised Controlled Mechanical Ventilation, or spot CMV, offers the advantages of air renewal without the costs of a system.

13/09/2021  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time

With the ever-increasing attention to health and well-being, the issue of air renewal in the home or work environment has also become even more relevant. Today, attention to air quality goes across the board, both because each one of us cares more and more about our health and because recent changes in regulations have governed this aspect, allowing many of us to directly experience and appreciate its benefits, but even more than that.

In fact, with newly-designed buildings, in the face of drastically reduced energy requirements, one can observe a gradual decrease in natural ventilation, which must be compensated with a controlled mechanical ventilation system.

Guaranteeing the healthiness of indoor spaces

For all of these reasons, controlled mechanical ventilation is increasingly widespread and is gaining greater interest from the public, including residential. VMC/MEV allows you to keep the indoors spaces healthy, prevent humidity and mildew and above all to do so by minimising heat loss through recovery systems.

In short, VMC/MEV offers numerous advantages, in addition to the regulatory ones: the presence of a controlled mechanical ventilation system is a fundamental requirement for assigning energy class A and B to buildings.

Decentralized VMC/dMEV : air quality everywhere

In this context of increasing popularity, it must however be emphasized that, for structural, economic or opportunity reasons, it is not always possible to implement a centralised VMC / cMEV solution, based on a system that can serve all of the rooms in a home or office.
This is where the products for spot or centralised VMC / cMEV come into play: ready-to-use devices capable of offering all of the advantages of mechanical ventilation independently, without the need for particularly demanding structural work.

In all cases where it is not possible to intervene otherwise, or with very small rooms, Decentralized VMC/dMEV offers the perfect balance between use, function and extent of the commitment, both from an economic and construction point of view.

All Aspira decentralized VMC/dMEV models come complete with every component and are ready for use: in fact, they do not require additional air distribution systems (pipes and fittings), neither for input nor output, and are installed directly on the perimeter wall.

Fantini Cosmi solutions for decentralized VMC/dMEV

With its brand Aspira, Fantini Cosmi offers various solutions for decentralized VMC/dMEV, characterised by very high efficiency heat recovery.

Aspirvelo Air Ecocomfort and Rhinocomfort are the two product lines that guarantee up to 90% heat recovery and prevent the onset of humidity and mildew, as well as keeping the level of pollutants that are harmful to health low. On the health front, Rhinocomfort is also able to sanitise the air coming in from outdoors by breaking down the harmful substances.

Should it be necessary to resort to decentralized VMC/dMEV in spaces made up of several rooms, Ecocomfort and Rhinocomfort products can be connected together to create a multi-room system.
The Ecocomfort system allows you to connect up to 4 fan units using an additional master control unit, while the Ecocomfort RF and Rhinocomfort RF products allow up to 64 units to be connected: in this case one performs the role of master, without requiring control systems.

Ecocomfort 2.0 Smart allows you to connect a theoretically unlimited number of units through the level configuration of the Intelliclima+ App for smartphones and tablets. This is a product with intelligent features based on Artificial Intelligence for shared dynamic geopositioning, which adapts to user preferences and is configured and managed exclusively through the Intelliclima+ App.

Finally, the latest addition to the Fantini Cosmi family is the Aspircomfort Pro X series, a new decentralized VMC/dMEV with heat pump that sanitises and purifies the air in small-medium rooms thanks to the presence of UVC lamps that destroy viruses.

Clean air in classrooms too!

Fantini Cosmi has also thought of students and teachers. Precisely for buildings such as schools, they have designed and built Aspircomfort Class 620H, a decentralised ventilation unit complete with recovery unit that can be installed horizontally on false ceiling, suitable for individual rooms where ducted systems are not possible. Thanks to its construction features and components, it is able to reach a recovery efficiency of more than 90%. A true ally for spending peaceful and healthy hours in class!

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