How to heat your home without waste

Autumn alternates between cold days and others with milder weather: it is the season in which, more than any other, a few tricks are needed to maintain a comfortable temperature without wastage

24/10/2022  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time


As the weather cools down and we start spending more time indoors, it is important to make sure our homes are comfortable and cosy. But heating our homes does not have to mean waste and high energy bills. With a few simple changes and a few tricks, we can reduce our energy consumption and keep our homes warm throughout the season.

A few tips to reduce energy consumption

Given also the current contingency, in which the high energy price puts a special focus on consumption, especially unnecessary consumption, it is inevitable that the heating of our homes is also the subject of some extra thought. As we shall see, however, saving does not mean giving up comfort. Here are some practical tips.

– We control consumption analytically

Often, when talking about heating, we are influenced by more or less ingrained beliefs. The two most popular opinions are that it is more convenient to try to keep the temperature as constant as possible, possibly even slightly lowering the desired maximum in the house, or, on the diametrically opposite spectrum, that it is better to turn on the heating only a short time before returning home. In principle, the first choice is the most energy-efficient one, but there are too many parameters involved to give a universal answer.

In reality, each home has its own characteristics, and each system has its own specificities. The only way to get a definitely right answer is to find it for our own home. 

Thanks to increasingly smart thermostats and the use of apps, possibly even those of energy suppliers, we can, with a little effort, compare different behaviours and find the most virtuous one for us. A tip: many heating system suppliers with remote service offer the possibility of receiving a monthly summary of the system’s activity, which can be very useful for our audits.

– Nature is our ally

The use of natural resources is not the prerogative of renewables. If we have the possibility to spend time at home during the day, for example if we are smart working or work in shifts, we can control the outside temperature and sun exposure, opening and closing windows and window frames accordingly to let the heat in at the hottest times of the day. Sun exposure also plays a key role: if we normally use very thick, blackout curtains, withdrawing them and letting the sun in can contribute significantly to room heating.


3 – Checking draughts and drafts

Especially when the weather gets colder, draughts are the number one enemy of heat preservation. Even our grandparents knew this, who often used ‘draught-proof pillows’ to limit the entry of cold air from under the doors. Today there are certainly more elegant solutions, but the principle remains the same. And, above all, a periodic check of fixtures to assess their tightness can help.


Fantini Cosmi’s solutions to contain waste

In addition to general solutions, which are in any case valid and effective, it is important to know that in many cases investing in technological solutions can help to contain consumption. Here are two examples of how new solutions can help reduce waste.

Intelligent programmable thermostats

We mentioned how one of the best ways to save money without sacrificing comfort is to rely on information from our system. The intelligent programmable thermostats from Fantini Cosmi, thanks to their ability to automate heating management, can help people who decide to follow this path.

In particular, the C800WIFI enables the implementation of a number of smart energy-saving strategies, thanks for example to the possibility of being managed via an App and providing all data on energy consumption and savings. There is no shortage of smart features, such as AI-based self-learning to optimise consumption based on habits, and the ability to turn on the heating when it detects our proximity to home via the App. Finally, through the most popular smart home systems, it supports voice commands.

Controlled Mechanical Ventilation

Drafts, draughts, and even opening windows at coldest times can reduce our ability to save. On the other hand, we know that air circulation is indispensable to keep rooms healthy and comfortable. The Controlled Mechanical Ventilation enables all these requirements to be met, allowing air to circulate, even on a planned basis. At the same time, heat recovery ensures that clean air always circulates at the right temperature, preventing dispersion and waste.


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