Multi-zone temperature control kits that revolutionise comfort control across the house on their way

Preset, easy to install and with integrated WiFi: let’s find out more about these new multi-zone temperature control kits

08/01/2019  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time

Fantini Cosmi’s Intellicomfort+ system has now been redesigned in the form of a wireless multi-zone temperature and humidity control kit, that is, ultra compact equipment to set a different temperature and humidity in every single room, either at home or at work, quickly and entirely on your own without the need for masonry work.
Plus, thanks to integrated Wi-Fi, Intellicomfort+ lets you manage your ideal level of comfort easily and intuitively from your smartphone and tablet, wherever you are.

What’s in the kit?
The new multi-zone temperature control kit consists of a WIFI CH180RF programmable thermostat, acting as a supervisor, and several O60RF radiator actuators, depending on the kit of choice. The actuators are battery-operated and communicate in wireless mode with the programmable thermostat to maintain the set room temperature.

You can choose among different kit sizes depending on your needs:

  • 1 CH180RFWIFI programmable thermostat + 2 O60RF radiator actuators
  • 1 CH180RFWIFI programmable thermostat + 3 O60RF radiator actuators
  • 1 CH180RFWIFI programmable thermostat + 5 O60RF radiator actuators

The actuators are ready and preset for installation in various types of rooms (kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, etc.).

Handy for the users
For a family living in a block of flats with a central heating system, the heating system can be managed autonomously with Intellicomfort+. Indeed, with the wireless multi-zone temperature control system you can easily set a different temperature in the various rooms, for instance program a higher temperature in the bathroom for greater comfort. With the Intelliclima+ App, every room is always connected and you can easily and intuitively choose the ideal level of comfort from your smartphone and tablet, wherever you are.

But there’s more to it.

Here are some reasons why it’s worth choosing the Intellicomfort+ multi-zone temperature control kit:

  1. Every room has the right temperature and humidity, which means no unnecessary waste of energy, assuring wellbeing and saving a considerable amount of energy.
  2. Programming on/off times on the heating and cooling system means lower costs and a lighter bill.
  3. You can always monitor the energy consumption log directly on the CH180RFWIFI programmable thermostat or via the App through a daily, monthly and yearly report of the real-time system use.
  4. You can claim 65% tax back for the installation of a multimedia system.

Designed for installers
With these preset kits ready for use, Fantini Cosmi intends to provide ideal tailor-made solutions for those who would like to approach small-sized, multi-zone temperature control, quickly and entirely independently.
Installation of the Intellicomfort+ kit can be adapted to any kind of system and with no need for masonry work. Indeed, the O60RF radiator actuators are battery-operated and communicate in wireless mode.
Intellicomfort+ is a fully flexible system that can be tailored to your needs.
The Intelliclima+ App and the programmable thermostat are also easily set up, thanks to the installation wizard involving a few easy steps.

What if I have a big house or also wish to control cooling and dehumidification?
No worries, every kit is expandable!  You can add other O60RF radiator actuators or other components of the Intellicomfort+ system to meet more specific demands.

For further information, go to the Intellicomfort+ section or contact us.




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