Multicomfort: the perfect mix for all round comfort

Find out how Fantini Cosmi designed the multicomfort concept for comfortable and smart premises 

10/12/2018  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time

Multicomfort involves air conditioning, as well as health and control
There was a time when to define a room as comfortable all you needed was the right temperature and the right light. Nowadays, this is no longer the case. While rooms still need to have the right temperature, the concept of comfort now involves other features as well.

Along with traditional comfort, multicomfort also introduces the aspect of hygiene, aesthetics – hence design – and connectivity, that is, the option of remote room control through smart home instruments and devices.

Two mainstays of comfort: temperature and humidity
Of course a room is only truly comfortable with the right temperature and humidity. That is why they are also essential to the concept of multicomfort, which is also the reason why every room needs to be connected all the time. Indeed, with smart home solutions not only can you monitor temperature and humidity, but you can also change them as needed.

Multicomfort brings about innovation in room control
However, the multicomfort concept may be appreciated through the most innovative aspects of air conditioning. Indeed, nowadays every room also needs to be adequately disinfected, with air sanitization as key to the new idea of comfort developed by Fantini Cosmi. This is not just to assure adequate air renewal, but to ensure that the circulating air is cleaned from allergens and microorganisms, as well as pollutants and dangerous substances such as particulates, unburnt gases, etc.

In a nutshell, Multicomfort is a new way of defining the modern concept of comfort, where temporary well-being also goes hand in hand with the option of long-term well-being, with a beneficial effect on our health through air sanitisation.

The option of controlling air purification without heat dissipation, along with control over temperature and humidity, allows for full management of the room with a range of benefits.

All of Multicomfort’s benefits
Why switch from traditional comfort to multicomfort?

First of all, to have better air conditioning control and improve the health of the residents. Then, because full control of every room leads to a set of side benefits.

Using smart solutions for something like ventilation, for instance, allows you to recover heat while sanitising air. This assures high comfort levels also in ‘challenging’ rooms or rooms that would not reach the same high levels of comfort under normal conditions.

In short, as well as introducing all the concepts of a smart home, Multicomfort is also a healthy and green choice. It’s healthy because it introduces the concept of room sanitisation and green because, thanks to heat recovery, it minimises the need to heat or cool a room more than actually needed.


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