Returning to the gym: how to ensure maximum hygiene

With the return of the warm season, many people decide to return to the gym. Let's help them stay safe with maximum hygiene.

01/03/2022  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time


With the first relatively warm days, sunny weather and the days getting longer, many people start thinking about summer. And with summer comes, for many, the fear of the wearing a swimsuit. This is why spring is the season for a boom in gym memberships. However, the renewed focus on hygiene means that people are even more careful than before about the sanitary aspects of changing rooms.

Safety and hygiene in the changing room: not just a fashion statement

There is no doubt that in recent years attention to hygiene in shared places has increased, but the topic of possible infections that can be transmitted in changing rooms is not new. The Veronesi Foundation, for example, was already talking about it several years ago. This is not a new theme, but has become topical in recent years. The latest regulations have made it quite clear what the minimum requirements are, but what can gym owners do if they really want to make their visitors feel comfortable?
One of the possible answers is to equip them with electric hand dryers which allow people to dry their hands without coming into contact with surfaces and especially with textiles already partly used by others.

Electric hand dryers: the best choice for hygiene and the environment

Among the many options for hand drying, electric hand dryers offer some features that are particularly advantageous in the current era.

First of all, it is the only completely contact-free drying solution available on the market, which is an objective fact in favour of reducing the means of spreading infections.

Non-contact also plays a key role in the perception of cleanliness and hygiene, particularly when compared to solutions based on interchangeable fabric rolls.

In comparison with installations based on disposable products, however, hand dryers offer at least two advantages. The first is strictly logistical in nature, linked to supplies, and the second is environmental. The use of disposable products, even if they are recyclable, now meets with the disapproval of an increasing number of people.

Fantini Cosmi’s locker room solutions

Fantini Cosmi proposes in its Hygiene Line, a wide choice of electric hand dryers ideal for bathrooms in gyms, swimming pools and public places, which can easily adapt to any needs.

The Fantini Cosmi assortment consists of three series: Superkali, Kalieco and Kalimax.

Superkali and Superkali Dry electric hand dryers are the air curtain type for fast drying and energy savings of up to 75% compared to conventional models. It only takes 10 to 15 seconds to get perfectly dry hands. They operate via a no-touch infrared photocell sensor and have an Auto-Stop timer function. The brushless motor offers high durability and the anti-vandal system reduces extraordinary maintenance.

The Kalieco series consists of traditional electric hand dryers with photocell operation. Hand drying takes 30 seconds and they are equipped with a white heat-resistant and shockproof ABS lid.

Finally, the Kalimax series features both photocell and push-button models. Hands are dried in 35 seconds and the air outlet is adjustable 360°.

The practical, intelligent changing room

To complete the equipment of a perfectly hygienic changing room, we cannot forget to include a set of hair dryers. Also in this case the Fantini Cosmi range has products suitable for every need.

The KALIPHONE silent, reliable series for wall mounting naturally fits into all community premises (gyms, shopping centres, hotels). It is made of shockproof and heat-resistant ABS plastic and has a safety system for automatic switch-off.

The KALISPEED series is one of the most space-saving products on the market thanks to its front-entry design. Its simple and essential design, practicality of use and small size make it particularly suitable for installation in hotel and sport facility bathrooms.

Finally, let’s not forget to ensure correct air exchange, also to maintain the correct level of humidity as well as for the aforementioned hygiene reasons. This can be helped by a solution for Controlled Mechanical Ventilation, for example Rhinocomfort and Ecocomfort, which can guarantee perfect air exchange even when it is necessary to conserve heat inside the rooms.



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