Do we want cleaner air in the home? What we need is an air purifier

Even in idioms, “changing air” means feeling better. A good air purifier assures constant circulation of clean air.

26/09/2018  |  Fantini Cosmi Reading time

Changing the air in a room is one of the first rules of good health, and is one of the traditional beliefs that has been passed down unchanged through the generations. Using an air purifier means doing exactly that, with all the advantages afforded by technology.

Air quality, a matter of health
Living in premises with fresher and cleaner air promotes our health. This is not just old wives’ lore. In fact, according to the National centre for disease prevention and health promotion of the Higher Health Institute, one of the main causes of the increase in cases of asthma is indeed growing urbanisation. Owing to that, in fact, we all spend more and more time indoors, with little air circulation and higher and higher exposure to dust mites, dust and pollution.

How to quickly and easily purify a room
The only difference from the past is that today we now know that, in order to have clean, healthy and hygienic spaces it is not enough to just “open the windows” and let in fresh air. Outside air, in fact, may also contain bacteria, pollutants, dirt and allergens. That is why, in addition to changing the air, it is crucial to also properly purify the air.

Purifying the air while respecting the environment
Waste is banned nowadays: not just in terms of products and resources, but also in terms of energy. And when the air of a room needs to be purified and changed, one of the main problems is heat preservation, especially in the colder months of the year. In fact, adding cold air to a room inevitably means increasing costs and as a consequence, waste.
That is why, when choosing an air purifier, it is essential to look for a model that also acts as a heat recovery unit. In other words, one that lets the purified air into the room already at the right temperature, without cooling the house and forcing us to heat it again.

How does an air purifier work?
Let’s look at the preview of Rhinocomfort, the ideal product for purifying the air in rooms, thanks to its extremely compact size and the option of being adapted to any type of wall.
The Rhinocomfort air purification system is based on a process called photocatalysis. In practice, a LED light calibrated on specific wavelengths and the presence of water vapour decompose harmful substances while the air flows through the aeration duct, turning out purified air at a controlled temperature.
The process is able to remove most bacteria, impurities and pollutants.
What is more, Rhinocomfort is also designed to tackle energy needs: it makes it possible to recover up to 90% of the heat, considerably lowering running costs when the air of the rooms needs to be constantly purified.

Purification: what does it mean to purify air, and what are the advantages?
In addition to the immediate ones, such as the possibility of removing impurities, bacteria and toxic substances that may accumulate in a room, an air purifier such as Rhinocomfort offers a number of other advantages.
Among them, the ability to maintain a controlled level of humidity, which makes it possible to considerably reduce the formation of mould on walls, consequently reducing the likelihood of having substances in the home that are harmful to health.
That is why using an air purifier should not be considered only in the most commonly used rooms, but also in peripheral areas, where the formation of mould and moisture spots is more likely.


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